The Look of Love in Dance Lessons

September 6, 2014 by
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The Look of Love in Dance Lessons

It’s all about that look. You know, the one that happens in all the ooey-gooey romance movies, where everything might not be perfect, but when the main characters are together, it is like nothing else matters in the entire world. Whether or not we like to admit it, we all are looking for that special someone. Some of us, on the other hand, are lucky enough to already have them. Many of the lucky ones are our clients rehearsing for the unforgettable day where they forge their pledge of love into an even stronger bond. Lucky for me, I get little clips of different romantic stories every single day.

I love seeing all the beautiful, diverse, and glowing couples blossom into marvelous dancers. I always like to mention my first day because the magic was so palpable coming into such a foreign environment, and nothing was more notable than the way the couples looked at each other when they were dancing. It really is that look.

You might think that sitting in my chair, doing work all evening, that I get tired of how cute all these people are, that being a 20-year-old college student somehow causes spite in the name of eternal love. But, something about it is contagious and wonderfully inescapable. I could be having the worst day possible, and then all of the sudden, when I walk into the studio, and see everyone exuding obvious love for one another, I feel inspired. It is as if their love showers the studio in a bubble of exclusive happiness, and causes instantaneous smiles and a mood-improvement that is free of charge.

So, again, we are at a point wherein I could see any person asking, why write about this? Why does this matter? It matters because I want everyone I know and will ever know to experience the beauty of working in a place where love is a constant highlight of your day, where our clients care deeply about one another and provide a source of positivity in any day. I have said it and will continue to say it: this place is more magical than Disneyland.

–“From the Purple Chair” series from Bella Ballroom’s new Office Manager.