Most Romantic Dances

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Most Romantic Dances

Dance has always been the perfect vehicle for romance and with February 14th approaching, love is in the air. Valentines Day is the perfect time to take a look at some of the top romantic dances that have been captured on film. Ultimately people dance because it evokes emotion. What better emotion to be evoked than love?  Take a look:

  1. Cirque de Romantic

The amount of trust and co-dependence needed to execute the moves in this dance makes it inherently romantic. What this duo is able to do as a team is quite impressive. The combination of dancing, acrobatics, and gymnastics is undoubtedly impressive. These former Cirque du Soliel artists known as Duo Main Tenant created a mesmerizing performance together.

  1. “Marry Me” Wedding Proposal

It’s official. I can’t watch this wedding proposal without crying. As a choreographer having worked with a variety of wedding couples and wedding parties preparing dances for their big day, I know how much time, effort, creativity and dedication went into planning this dance filled wedding proposal.

  1. “Thinking Out Loud”

While Ed Sheran may not be the best ballroom dancer, his song and idea the music video have inspired couples nationwide. “Thinking Out Loud” was hands down the most requested first dance song at Bella Ballroom for 2015. Furthermore, couples not only wanted to learn how to dance to the song, they wanted to learn the actual choreography from the music video. “Thinking Out Loud” popularly inspired a lot of romantic dancing over the last year.

  1. “You’re the One that I Want”

Such a classic! Grease tells the love story of Sandy and Danny and this song and dance is the finale of the movie. The dance is flirtatious, fun, and too cute!

  1. Keone and Mariel Madrid

This married couple of dancing choreographers deserves a whole other blog on coupled dancing. Their talent, skill, and creativity show case the variety of emotions possible in a paired dance. In “Is This Love” Keone and Mariel dance as an elderly couple which seems to be a personification of themselves in 50 years. “Cups” highlights a rhythmic connection between the couple and their play of movement reveals how much they’ve worked and danced together.

  1. Slip

One could argue that this dance is not romantic because of it’s ending, but I think this dance showcases a myriad of other parts of a relationship beyond the “honeymoon stage”. The dancers play of intertwined energy is beautiful.  One dancer will fill the other’s void, and at times they look like magnets to each other.

  1. “Time of my Life”

Would you believe that after dedicating a life to dance, I’ve never actually seen “Dirty Dancing?” Regardless, even having not seen the dance movie, I know that the ending dance scene is very popular and has inspired couples to dance for years. Patrick Swayzee’s lead is impressive and the iconic lift at the end is a romantic moment that will last for years to come.

While these eight videos shine some light on the romantic dance hall of fame, there are many others romantic dances in existence and many others to be had. I encourage to you to invite a little dance into your Valentines weather its by yourself of with loved ones.  Happy Valentines day and happy dancing!

Article by Ziva