Epic Mother Son and Father Daughter Dance Mash Ups

May 2, 2017 by

When it comes to wedding dance mashups, they can involve anyone! Family Wedding Dance Mashups are so much fun to watch and the options within them are endless. I particularly love when they involve the parents of the bride or groom because no one is expecting a mom or dad to get down on the dance floor with you. It is always super fun and entertaining to watch. Here are a few viral family dance mashups showing both mother son dances as well as father daughter dances. I hope you enjoy!

Mother Son Dance Mash Up

This mother and son surprised their guests and the bride with a hilarious mash up of popular songs and dances associated with the songs. Like most mash up’s it started off with a slow dance to “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks, where they got to be cute and enjoy a moment together as mother and son. Then they broke out into the classic Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” with mock dance moves to Thriller. The famous Hand Jive dance came next from the classic Grease movie. Some rap song that I am not up to date with broke out and they became the OG in the house (OG stands for Original Gangsta just in case you didn’t know). “The Twist” came on next and they shook their moneymakers. “Gangnam Style”, “Jump On It”, “Solider Boy”, and “Bye Bye Bye” were the closing songs for this funny mash up!


Father Daughter Dance Mash Up

A father daughter dance is a special moment between the two. Me being a girl, I’m slightly biased and think highly of this symbolism involved in the wedding. So when this father and daughter didn’t do a traditional style of dance for their moment I was a bit caught off guard. But I liked it. Their dance was super fun and special to the both of them. They had a moment in the beginning while slow dancing to “I Got Sunshine”, until they decided they wanted to have a little fun and get funky to “Boogie Shoes”, which is a personal favorite of mine. There is no mash up with out involving the King of Pop in some way, the Jackson 5 came on and they started dancing like the famous group would. They also added their unique style and did “catch a fish” dance move. The “Stanky Leg” was up next followed by “Dancing Machine”, “Jump On It” and a few others. They closed the mash up with a cha-cha to a slower song. It was a cute moment to witness between the two.


Don’t be shy if you want to do this with your parents! It’s a great idea and look how much each of these people enjoyed dancing with their mom or dad! I hope this article gave you some inspiration as well as courage to try something new, fun, and different! We can help you here at our Orange County Dance Studio. Feel free to stop by anytime!