Mother Son Dance – Lessons in Orange County, CA

September 3, 2019 by
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Alright Mothers! It’s time to start planning your Mother-Son dance. I can only imagine how special it has to be to see your son making his way to the next stage of his life which in this case we are talking about marriage.

Last blog we talked about the Father-Daughter dance and I was able to show you some great and fun videos.

This time we will do the same about Mother-Son dance performances.

I think that during the wedding ceremony we should definitely make some room to celebrate and perform a nice dance with the first woman of our lives.

Having said this, I want to show you some fun, special, and unique ideas for your upcoming Mother Son dance. Remember you can always make it very fun, and put different songs all together.

We have at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio the greatest teachers that will help you choreograph your special dance and customize it according to your vision.

Here are some ideas for your epic Mother Son Dance:

Enjoy these videos, Dancers. We will see you at the Dance Studio!