New Wedding Dance Trends

November 10, 2014 by
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Traditional wedding dances to most people consist of a slow dance with a few moves to their favorite love song and that’s about it. With shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”, “America’s Best Dance Crew”, etc. choreographed dancing is becoming more and more popular. Taking wedding dance classes in Orange County here is especially popular! The need to be impressive and unique in your wedding dance is becoming essential to many as couples as part of the ‘wedding experience’. Let me give you some insight on what is trending nowadays especially at our wedding dance studios in Orange County for wedding dances and what makes each dance unique.

1. Multiple Dances

Rather than just doing one style, it is now popular to do a few. Many couples are going from a slow dance into a fast dance, trying to keep the romance while also having fun. Some of the most popular styles are going from a waltz into a freestyle, foxtrot into swing, and many others. Some even do more than two and end up doing a medley of several styles. I have had couples here in Orange County do as few as two and as many as eight! When it comes to making your wedding dance unique, this is definitely a great way to be sure that no one is going to have a dance like yours.

new wedding dance trends orange county2. Bridal Party Participation

I have some couples who start off doing their own dance and then the bridal party joins the dance. This may seem over the top or impossible if you have a bridal party with no rhythm, but good choreography is often times simple and easy to learn. A lot of people are doing it these days because it gives the bride and groom something fun to do with their bridal party, it allows the bridal party to do something unique that they don’t often get to do at other weddings, and it is definitely a ton of fun for the audience. It seems to be becoming more and more popular to get everyone involved.

3. Flash Mobs / Surprises

As flash mobs are becoming more and more popular, flash mob wedding dances are as well. This usually involves the bridal party as well, but it happens at an unexpected time, like walking down the aisle, coming into dinner, exiting the wedding, at the cocktail hour, etc. Some people also start one in the middle of their wedding dance or towards the end. Even having family get involved is a fun way to do this.

4. Parent dances

Many people do father daughter and mother son dances, but more and more people are coming in and making these dances special. As it may be the only time you are going to get to dance with them, it is fun to have a special dance that is only between the two of you. I think it is such a treat for the parents especially. I love that it is becoming more and more popular for people to do this!

5. Dancing with the Stars Status

Even though people are still sticking with one dance, they are deciding to add in ‘wow factors’. Rather than keeping it simple, they are wanting cool lifts, dips, and anything that can really impress. Even if you just do one dance, it isn’t the number of dances but the quality that is making it a popular trend.

6. Traditional

Despite all these new trends, the traditional slow dance is still and always will be the most popular way to do a wedding dance. Too many people stick with what they know from prom and sway, making it a less exciting dance. If you are going to go traditional, get a few lessons to spice it up! Or go for the gold and start preparing early on with as many lessons as you can! Especially if you want the dance to be unique, you can make a traditional slow dance look impressive, exciting, and elegant all at the same time.

No matter what your preference, traditional or dancing with the stars, your wedding dance is about you two. Whatever you end up wanting to do is completely unique to you. But if you want to go with the popular thing and keep up with the trends, these are some ways that are guaranteed to be big hits!

– Article by Bella Ballroom Dance Studio teacher, Tayler