Newport Beach Wedding Dance Interview with Michelle and Marc

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Newport Beach Wedding Dance Orange County first dance

Michelle and Mark

From the moment Michelle and Marc walked into Bella Ballroom Dance Studio, their personalities were larger than life. Marc had surprised his fiancé with wedding dance lessons. They had wanted to take lessons for some time for their anniversary. They are the most laid back, outgoing, welcoming, honest, and straightforward couple that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They are country music fanatics, which I personally love and also share in common with them. Their first dance song is a country duet that is beautiful. I got the privilege to sit down with Michelle to talk about her and Marc’s wedding plans and their dance experience here with their Newport Beach wedding dance lessons.

When is your wedding and where will you be performing your wedding dance?

M: Our wedding is August 5th, 2016 on the electric cruise Eternity in Newport Beach.

How did you meet?

M: We met at the bar at BJ’s. I just had a lunch meeting with my co-workers and was watching a soccer game while he was watching baseball game. He was drinking a diet coke, because he doesn’t drink, and I made some sarcasm remark about him to the bartender I knew personally. We started talking for about 2 or 3 hours and he then asked me to dinner that same night.

How long have you been together for?

M: 8 years

What is your first dance song? Why did you choose it for your wedding? Does it have any significance for your first dance?

M: Our song is “Marry Me” by Martin McBride, the lead singer of the Train. I wanted a country song and he wanted a duet. So we ended up with this song. We like it because of the meaning behind it. Everyday is a choice. “I still choose you, even when it’s hard”.

What type of first dance are you working on for your wedding?

M: Waltz

Who is your dance instructor?

M: Anna

What is your favorite part about taking wedding dance lessons?

M: Its something we’ve always wanted to do. I love that it was his idea. He surprised me for our anniversary.

Do you have a favorite move that you’re working on during your dance lessons? If so, what is it?

M: The Sweetheart where I’m leaning into him.

What do you find most challenging about the process of taking wedding dance classes?

M: Our health. (Laughs). Finding enough space to practice is also a challenge. We practice 2 step around the pool, but trying to find place to practice our waltz dance is a lot harder. Sometime we practice in our driveway. Our neighbors think we’re crazy.

Do people know you’re taking wedding dance lessons or is it a surprise?

M: A few people know. It’s more of a surprise and our abilities will be unexpected.

What inspired you to take dance lessons?

M: It was his idea. It was something that we talked about before and he surprised me for our anniversary.

How do dance classes compare to other aspects of planning your wedding?

M: It’s the fun part. I’m a planner so everything is done already.

While taking wedding dance lessons, has it inspired you to take other dance lessons for other styles? Do you want to pursue more?

M: We are currently doing 2 step. But we’ve also talked about doing swing and Latin dances like Cha-cha.

What was your first impression coming in for dance classes and what is your impression now? How has it changed?

M: Well I was surprised and shocked and didn’t know where I was nonetheless what was going on. I didn’t have any expectations. But now its something I definitely want to do and continue to do.

Do you have any advice for future couples?

M: Have fun with it. Don’t take it so seriously. Take it outside of this room.

Newport Beach Wedding Dance Orange County first dance

Congratulations Michelle and Mark!