Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Colors

February 10, 2023 by
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Non Traditional Wedding Dress

When we think of weddings, the image that pops into our heads is usually the bride walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown. That is what’s most traditional, what we most see portrayed in movies and just in life in general. It’s truly beautiful, BUT, what if you don’t want to do the traditional white gown? What if you want to go with a non-traditional wedding dress color? Something different and new that is not the norm. What color would you choose? 

Below are the most common, non-common wedding dress colors that brides use for their big day. 

Black Wedding Dress


First off on this list is the complete opposite of white, black! Just like with a white wedding dress, a black wedding dress has such an elegant vibe to it. It’s so unexpected and so bold! The best part about the color black, is that it goes with anything! You can work your wedding decorations around your black wedding dress by contrasting it with gold center pieces for example. Or you can also pair it with woodsy vibes! And even on your beautiful black wedding dress, you can make it even more unique and pop even more by adding an extra touch of color. For example, a bright red bouquet of roses, or belt or headpiece that just has a touch of color. Whatever you choose to do, a black wedding dress is one that will leave your guests with their jaws dropped and you looking more magical than ever!

Gold Wedding Dress


A gold wedding dress seems to be used more for the 50th wedding anniversary, but why wait until then? Choose a gold wedding dress because you are golden! If you are going for non-traditional, this color is definitely it! It is a beautiful and elegant color that you can also work your decorations around! There are so many other beautiful colors that you can use to contrast your gold dress with. From the colors of the bridesmaids dresses to the floral arrangements on the tables. The possibilities are endless. And as mentioned before, it’s usually for the 50th wedding anniversary that brides go for a gold dress, but using a gold dress on your wedding day might be sign of what’s to come. 

Red Wedding Dress


The next color on this list is, RED! What is a more bold, fierce, and just overall jaw dropping color for a wedding dress than red! Whether you choose to wear a big red ballgown or something more form fitting, a red wedding dress is non traditional wedding dress color that will make your big day incredibly unique. Also like the color black, there are a lot of other colors that you can combine the color red with such as with gold or silver or even white! If you have your wedding on a snowy winter day, just imagine how vibrant your dress will look in that white snow! This is definitely a color to consider!

Floral Wedding Dress


Next up on the list is not really a color, but it is still non traditional. Floral wedding gowns! There are so many possibilities to choose from when it comes to floral wedding dresses. You can choose to have soft colored flowers or pastel colors that cover your whole dress. On the other hand you can have vibrant colors for your flowers that will just make it all pop! Another alternative to this is going with a white wedding dress but using a floral vail or adding flowers on the dress! It will give your wedding look a beautiful and unique touch to it! And as a bonus, you can also get shoes that match your floral designs! 

Pastel Purple Wedding Dress


Lastly, stunning colors for a wedding dress are just any pastel color! Your dress can be any pastel color or it can be a mixture of them. One that has all colors of the rainbow or maybe just a mix of a few different colors. Pastel colors are so lively and beautiful and a wonderful way to add a touch of color to your big day! Also with pastels, you can beautifully match all of your other decorations to your dress. From the flowers, to the bridesmaid dress colors, down to your bouquet! If you are looking for a non traditional wedding dress color, pastels are definitely ones to consider!