Partner Dancing and Freestyle Club Dancing

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When people come in and want to just learn “how to move”, I understand the idea. You are thinking, “I don’t really want to learn all that ballroom stuff. I just want to look good when I move and not look like an idiot.” Understandable. But did you know dancing of any kind can actually affect your abilities in a club dance setting and be the best way to attempt it? Here are the reasons why:

Ballroom Dancing Benefits Freestyle Club Dancing

1. You become comfortable moving your body

Whether it’s a ballroom style or freestyle club dancing, learning moves forces you to learn how to move your body in ways that are not always natural in daily life. For example, the up tight guy will look stiff on the floor because that is how he holds himself. Or the guy who has lanky limbs will look sloppy on the floor…that is until they learn how to take control of their bodies. Once you force your limbs to move a certain way, they start to loosen up or have control depending on your tendencies. Once you accomplish this, you will start to notice that, even when you are just goofing off, you seem to have better control of your body and look much more natural.

2. You are creating muscle memory

When you are learning to dance, you are forcing your body to move certain ways and therefore, creating muscle memory with these moves. Even if you are learning a waltz, the ways in which you are training your muscles to move are applicable in every kind of dance you do. A dance move like a waltz basic can still be used in a club if done to the tempo of a faster beat. Once you get out on the dance floor, you will realize you have more moves than you even knew you did!

dancing freestyle at the club

Ballroom and Latin dance can benefit freestyle club dancing!

3. You are able to hear the music

Once you start understanding how to dance to the beat of the music, you will have a better idea of how this is created in all dance forms. Once you can find the beat to a foxtrot or a rumba, you are more able to find the beat to other styles simply because you are training your ear to listen to the music.

4. Being able to dance with a partner in a respectful way is respected

It can be very impressive to be able to dance well at a club, but what is even better is when you are able to lead or follow another person. Sure, it may not be as common for someone to lead you girls into something on the dance floor, but if someone does, even if they just try to move in sync with you, it will be much easier to follow if you already know how to dance with a partner. It takes practice, it doesn’t come naturally. As for you guys, girls like nothing better than when a guy spins them or dips them. I know this from personal experience. If you know how to turn and dip your partner, especially in the ways that ballroom dancing teaches, you will be able to do it in a technical way that will allow you to dip ANYONE, whether they are expecting it or not. And, just as the ladies need to learn how to follow the person they are dancing with, you guys need to learn how to do the same in order to gel with your dance partner. They may have said yes to dancing with you, but they will respect and enjoy the fact that you actually know how to dance with them. Ladies, the men will feel the same way if you are able to move with them.

5. You will get the opportunity

For many of you, if you haven’t had the chance already, you will at some point be attending a wedding. DJ’s at weddings don’t just play club style music. They play songs with a swing beat, a hustle beat, a cha cha beat, and many more. The more styles you know, the more of the DJ’s music you will be able to dance to. Then you can be the cool guy or girl that everyone wants to dance with at weddings! Knowing how to dance at these things makes them even more fun!

All that said, whether it’s waltz, tango, salsa, swing, etc., ballroom dancing is the best way to get started when you are learning “how to move” as it creates the comfort and muscle memory for your body necessary to move well, gives you a sense of rhythm, and allows you to impress those you are dancing with and have a one up on those around you. So try any and every dance form! They will all benefit you! No matter what you are attempting to get from it, you will come out of it a better dancer socially, guaranteed!

-Article by Bella Ballroom Dance Studio Teacher, Tayler