Plan Your Perfect Orange County Beach Wedding

June 11, 2016 by
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Plan your perfect Orange County beach wedding!

When I think of the perfect Orange County beach wedding, I think of the image of a wedding couple saying “I do” at sunset with the ocean in the background on a beautiful and intimate perfect day! The ocean breeze, deep blue ocean, and the warmth of the sand between your toes for a wedding day sounds like a tropical bliss. Southern California is known for beautiful beaches and weather so it is no surprise that many couples choose to get married here. As great as all of that sounds in theory, there are a lot of factors that engaged couples tend to forget when planning their beach wedding. Here are some things to remember for beach weddings:

  • For your Orange County beach wedding, you have to get a permit to have it on the beach; especially if it is on a pubic beach.
  • You are only allowed to set up a certain amount of chairs if any at all. Usually for only 20-30 people depending on what the permit allows.
  • Be prepared for any type of weather. Set up tents if necessary, but make sure your permit allows for it. Prepare for wind. Tents can help you and your guests keep cool or warm depending on the time of day the wedding is.
  • Prepare your guests. Let them know via invitation that it will be a beach wedding. Provide fun welcome bags that would accommodate them at the event like water, fans, sunscreen, a towel, flip-flops, something to provide shade, and a shoe station. Your guests will be so grateful.
  • Ditch the heels. I wouldn’t recommend dancing in heels because you heel will sink into the sand. Instead try dancing barefoot or in flats or wedges. If you choose to wear wedges at your beach wedding be very careful while dancing because you’re more prone to twisting your ankle on uneven ground.
  • Even out and compact the sand before get there to make it easier on yourselves and your guests. Also be aware of crevices if you have a dance floor set up.
  • For your wedding dress I would avoid big ballroom type gowns or long trains because it’s not easy to wear on the sand. If you do get a larger dress then make sure you can bustle it. I would also avoid lace because debris can easily get caught in fabric. Try to think about lightweight fabric, such as chiffon for example, so it flows in ocean breeze. For brides with long hair, I would consider doing some type of up do for your hair so it’s not in your way. Also, think twice about a long veil. I feel that for the guys, they can go informal with cotton pants or Bermuda shorts, depending on your style.
  • Keep in mind that the sound system won’t sound as amplified. Be aware of the open space and know how to speak up, or consider a microphone system for your vows and speeches.
  • Set up boundaries for how big your dance floor is supposed to be so you don’t step out of it.
  • Beware of bugs and if it is a must invest in bug repellant.
  • Have a back up plan just in case if anything goes wrong or the weather doesn’t cooperate. Having tents or a place to take the reception inside would be a huge bonus.

I hope this article has given you some insight if you were thinking about having your wedding on the beach in Orange County. If you need dance lessons for your first dance and want to know how to perform your wedding dance indoors or on the sand, Bella Ballroom Dance Studio has the expertise you need and will help you look your best on the sand!

Article by Jacqui