Popular Surprise Wedding Dance Mashups – Orange County Wedding Dance

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Popular Surprise Wedding Dance Mashups - Orange County Wedding Dance

Surprise wedding dance mashups are always a popular choice!

This week I decided to share examples of popular surprise wedding dance mashups! Instead of dances where the groom and bride surprise their guests, this article focuses on wedding dances that are a surprise for either the bride or the groom. Also this blog highlights the surprise wedding dance mashups performed by the bridal parties. These are always fun because whomever is doing the surprise wedding dance mashup allows their personality to shine through their performance. Surprise wedding dance mashups are always done in fun and joy. After all, your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life. So why not enjoy it with laughs, the people that you love, and dance!

Groom to Bride Surprise Wedding Dance Mashups:

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen of a groom dancing for his bride. This viral video got over 11 million views and with good reason. The groom’s charisma, goofy attitude, and playfulness made his dance excellent. It didn’t have to do with any spectacular or hard dance moves. Actually it was quite the contrary. He executed his performance full out with his lip sync and over the top dance moves with his groomsmen alongside.


This video was fun to watch. There were eight groomsmen dancing with the groom to songs such as “Suite and Tie” by Justin Timberlake, “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child, and “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. They all brought out chairs and danced to “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boyz II Men and they all took turns singing “Close Your Eyes” to the bride. It was very entertaining to watch because each guy let their own personality shine. You can tell they all had a good time doing this and their family and friends loved every minute of it.


Bride to Groom Surprise Wedding Dance Mashups:

As I’ve been looking through surprise wedding dance mash up videos, I’ve noticed that there are not many bride to groom surprises. However, I did come across one where the bride danced for her husband along with her nine bridesmaids. They did a Beyoncé tribute to him which included songs like: “ Crazy in Love”, “Single Ladies”, “Baby Boy”, “Halo”, and “Love on Top.” The dance was divalicious with some shimmies, booty shaking and synchronized choreography. The bride serenaded her husband by dancing and singing to him while he watched in the middle sitting on a chair. At the end of the dance everyone joined in on the fun and continued dancing the night away.


Entrances to Bridal Party:

Jill and Kevin along with their bridal party make their grand entrance to Chris Brown’s popular song “Forever”. This video was uploaded in July of 2009 and it went viral with 92,711,260 views. Their wedding was on June 2, 2009 at Christ Lutheran Church in Saint Paul Minnesota. Groomsmen, bridesmaids, ushers, groom, and bride all participated in the wedding entrance. It starts with the ushers followed by the rest of the bridal party dancing down the aisle in their own unique style. Each pair that dances down the aisle owns it! The first of many epic wedding party entrances. Way to start the trend!!!


Bridal Party:

This dance was super fun to watch because you don’t always get to see both the bride and groom interact with their bridal party in dances. The bride and groom started off dancing to “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake until the music cuts out and switches to a popular Kanye west song. They got down to “Baby Got Back” and shook their moneymakers until the divas of the party joined in. The bride and her bridesmaids all danced to “Bootylicious” and worked out their inner divas. The groom and groomsmen had their turn to “Bump and Grind” and “Single Ladies” where they too tapped into their inner divas mimicking Beyoncé’s dance moves. This is of course hilarious to view. There was a game of tag between the bride with her bridesmaid versus the groom and his groomsmen. The ladies were up next and they danced to “Soldier Boy” and killed it. The fellas closed the dance with “Uptown Funk” later inviting all of the guests to join in on the fun and dancing! It was a successful and entertaining dance mashup.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s example of mashups. It’s always a fun thing to look forward to watching! Hopefully if a wedding dance mashup is something you are thinking about trying for your wedding, you’ve gained some ideas!

Article by Jacqui