Popular Wedding Dance Styles

July 19, 2017 by


When picking a song for your first dance there a many things to consider. Does the song have any meaning to you? Does it bring up a certain memory that you’re fond of? What dance styles would go along with it?

There are a variety of wedding dance styles that accompany the first dance. There are many classics such as waltz and foxtrot. Mash-ups have also become very popular with the classic dances turning into styles such as swing or even hip hop half-way through the song. So what’s best for you? Let’s break these styles down.


The Waltz is a very classic style when it comes to wedding dances. You can’t go wrong here if you’re looking for simple beauty. When dancing the waltz, you and your partner will look timeless. The waltz is danced to a three beat rhythm and has very fluid movements. A popular routine that many know is the Viennese Waltz from Sleeping Beauty.


Foxtrot is a graceful dance style once mastered and a beautiful option for a first dance. This style is another smooth and elegant style to help you look timeless on the dance floor. Foxtrot is great for wedding venues with large dance floors as you can easily move from one side to the other and back. This beautiful Dancing With Stars routine showcases the elegance of a foxtrot.




Swing is a much more energetic and upbeat style compared to waltz and foxtrot. When big band music was popular in the United States around the 1940s this dance was in full swing! If you want to set a fun tone for your wedding reception this is a great way to go. Check out this awesome swing couple during their first dance!



Wedding dance mash-ups have been on the rise ever since YouTube. It’s a great way to include the traditional ballroom style then add your own funky dance moves. Some couples mash-up traditional styles such as a timeless Frank Sinatra into big band swing music while some do a total change into Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars. The great thing about mash-ups is it’s completely unique to you as a couple!


First dances don’t always have to be a ballroom style. Freestyle routines have become increasingly more popular when it comes to weddings. You can go with anything from hip-hop to the well-known dances like Thriller. Like a mash-up, this option can show off your personality. This newly engaged couple channeled their inner Adam Levine and showed off their best Maroon 5 dance moves.

No matter the dance styles you choose, you won’t go wrong with lessons and preparation! We can definitely help get you ready for the big day and this very special dance! Bella Ballroom Dance Studio specializes with wedding dances in the Orange County, CA area and we would love to help you become confident in your first dance.



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