Private vs Group Lessons

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-Private vs Group Lessons-

Private Dance Instruction:

When learning how to dance I definitely would recommend learning one-on-one with an instructor first. Private instruction allows a person to get one on one attention. If you’re like me, I like to ask a lot of questions and I’m able to do that with a private instructor. It’s more personal and you’re able to learn according to your own speed. Dance fundamentals and techniques are an important concept to grasp and can be challenging to accomplish when you are first beginning. Your dance instructor will guide you to lead and follow correctly, giving you safety tips to avoid potentially hurting your partner. You will not be guessing or trying to figure it out on your own. Building a personal bond with your instructor can be super rewarding. One-on-one instruction allows you to get better, faster and is overall the best way to learn how to dance.

Group Dance Instruction:private vs group lessons

Learning in a group setting is a different type of experience. There are a lot more people trying to learn so the instructor’s attention will be divided. As a learner you tend to have to rely on yourself for correction and technique. Group lessons are a different type of learning that requires you to have to learn and remember quickly. Group classes tend to be repetitive and redundant, but you are still able to attain what the instructor is teaching. Having other people around can be encouraging.

The majority of me learning to dance has been in a group setting. In high school it was in color guard with multiple amount of other girls. It was the same type of situation in college and other dance classes I took. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve legitimately started private dance instruction and man, do I wish I started off this way. I am learning to do the correct techniques and know what to look for in how my body should feel when doing all movements; such as what muscles to engage. I highly recommend learning with a private dance instructor. You will gain so many benefits from it. Regardless of what you choose, private vs group lessons, just remember to have fun when you dance, because that is what its all about.

Article by Jacqui.