Respect in Dancing Lessons

September 15, 2014 by

As a communication studies major with a political science minor, I am constantly hearing about ethics and morals. In terms of a dance studio, I feel it is important to address the dance code of ethics and morals, or at least the importance of attitude when learning about dance.

It just so happens that while I was reading a ballroom dance blog in order to gain some inspiration, I was surprised, but relieved, to find a little diagram about ballroom dancing and about what happens if you mess up and how to act in an “acceptable” manner.


dancing lessons respect

Flow chart to better dancing partnerships

I’ve always said, you can tell a lot about the health of a couple’s relationship by watching how they deal with conflict if and when one of them messes up while dancing.  A lot of couple’s are reassuring and loving, while some really know how to bicker.  I believe that, for ballroom dancing, as in every other aspect in life, it is important for couples to treat one another with the upmost respect.  In terms of conflict, it is important that they realize that humans make mistakes and that no one is perfect.  When watching couple’s who reassure each other, it is so much more enjoyable than watching those who like to criticize each other.

When a couple comes into the studio with a positive, fun attitude about dancing, it fosters the growth of a beautiful dance that clearly illustrates their relationship and positive encouragement for one another.

It’s also important to respect the boundaries of your partner and remain calm even when you feel yourself becoming flustered and mad because you or your partner may be messing up.  Everyone has off days, and if something is practiced enough, it will get to the level it needs to be at.

Since I myself have taken some dance classes, I can certainly offer some advice for anyone or two people coming in for some lessons:

  1. Always stay calm; even when you find yourself messing up, never get angry with your partner and/or yourself
  2. Know that with enough practice, and patience with yourself and your partner you will always be able to succeed at what you are attempting to do.
  3. Encourage yourself and your partner whether you are having a stellar day, or not so great day, in dancing.
  4. Always remember to smile.
  5. It’s most important that you have a fun time!

–”From the Purple Chair” series from Bella Ballroom’s Office Manager, Shelby.