The Salsa Dancing Glow

November 18, 2014 by

salsa dancing in orange countyTHE SALSA DANCING GLOW

People are always talking about the “glow.” It may be something that was acquired after a long vacation spent baking in the sun, or may appear after someone has started eating healthy and has not previously, or it is commonly thought to be a part of pregnancy. Whatever the reason, the “glow” is a major topic of discussion and is something many people want to have.

As someone who witnesses people dance every day, I can confidently say that salsa dancing definitely causes people to have a “glow” only if it is just a 45 minute lesson. Yes, this unique human attribute may be simply be a mixture of endorphins flowing, but regardless, it just so happens that people may come in looking stressed, tired, and down, they leave looking happy, radiant, and revived.

Salsa dancing does act as a form of exercise, but it also acts a mood enhancer, causing that “glow” we all strive so hard to achieve. It is not only fun, but also healthy because you are dancing away calories and getting that blood flowing. Especially when you dance with someone you like, or love, it further enhances these feelings of the dance glow and you find excitement in achieving new dancing goals with your partner.

So, why not take the step and start salsa dancing in Orange County, CA now? We already know dancing is great for your brain, body, and soul, and finally, it’s attributing to that beautiful glow we all aspire to have.

-By Shelby at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio