Social Dance Etiquette

August 16, 2015 by
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When going out to social dance scenes, you may not know that there is dancing etiquette to abide by out of courtesy. Being aware and respectful can go a long way to a good night out for everyone!

Before Arrival:

It is important to be sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing. Consider the place your going and dress accordingly. Also remember that your going to be in close proximity to others so good hygiene would be respectful. Mints are your new best friend!

Asking Someone to Dance:

social dancing for night outBoth men and women, yes women too, can ask someone to dance. This past week I indulged myself in some country dancing and I was taken aback because my girlie friend asked a guy out to dance. It was a nice reminder that it doesn’t always have to be the guys initiating interactions. If you want to dance with someone, just go ask and don’t be scared to do this. People generally go to social dance scenes to well, dance. On the same token, its polite to dance with whomever asks. It is rude to reject people, unless you have a really good reason like the person is drunk, aggressive, or threatening. So generally it is customary to accept a first dance with whoever asks. No one likes rejection. It’s a blow to the ego.

It is good to dance with a variety of people, even if you have come with someone. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience to learn how other people dance and overall making yourself a better dancer.


Men are to have an idea of what they are doing because it is their job to lead and navigate their dance partner. Tip to men: be aware of surroundings, be courteous to others, and use common sense. Traveling while dancing is done counter-clockwise. This reduces collisions. As an example, country two step is a dance style that travels and rotates counterclockwise. Also while dancing, there is an outer circle for fast paced dancers, inner circle for slower paced dancers/beginners, and the center, which is used for more stationary movements. Swing and Salsa tend to be more of a stationary style.

Make sure your ego is in check. Mistakes will happen, brush them off and continue. It’s not a performance; it’s about the connection.

After the Dance:

Make sure you regard your partner with eye contact and a thanks. In a more formal setting it is not uncommon for the male to lead you off the floor.

Most importantly, make sure you have fun! Dancing is suppose to be light hearted and fun! Don’t be too serious. Enjoy yourself. Hope the tips helped for your next social dance outing.

Article by Jacqui.