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football player and ballroom danceBallroom Dancing and Sports

Growing up I was always involved in sports and I was surprised at the great rapport that with time I started building with my own body. Then later on in life I started incorporating different physical disciplines to continue increasing that relationship with my own body and ballroom and latin dancing came into my life.

Ballroom dancing is a discipline that constantly explores different movements of the body. You will never run out of steps, the more in touch you get with your own body, the better understanding you have with your own physicality, you will discover that you have more freedom of mobility, and with freedom, creativity kicks in. That creativity will assist you in expressing yourself fully through dancing.

Sports science supports the findings that different dance genres like Salsa, Swing, Tango, Ballroom, and Bachata can enhance balance which is a key aspect of agility, improves flexibility , endurance and injury prevention which are all important factors in the athletic world.

The overall purpose of dance is to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings or stories about your life. Through your physical movements just like in sports you can tell so much about yourself, who you are, and your philosophy of life!

To dance is to immerse yourself in a short journey depending on the length of the song, just like an athlete goes into another experience of life while playing a game. But the idea is to let go of everything, to get lost in the sounds and steps and for that period of time while dancing, you want to attain a state of harmony with the music, yourself, and your partner.

Whether you are a Ballroom dancing for the first time in your life, or you are into sports, we invite you to come and experience yourself the magic and combination of balance, agility, flexibility, exercise and most important, fun!

Here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio we are prepared and excited to introduce you into the world of dancing, we know you will love it, come dance with us!

Article by Carlos