Spring Time Date Ideas

February 23, 2023 by
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As we say goodbye to the scarfs, gloves, and heavy jackets that were much needed in the winter, it’s time to start thinking of the beautiful outfits for the spring! And along with those cute looks, you need cute dates to go on!

Spring dates are the most fun ones of the year! You won’t be freezing cold everywhere you go, you will see the blooming of flowers, and you will get to spend some time outdoors with that someone special!

But where will you go for a spring time date? Below is a list of date ideas that you can go on this upcoming spring!


The first one on this list is hiking! Hiking is such a fun way to spend some quality time with that special person in your life and it is a great way to get out in nature! You get some fresh air and you getting your blood pumping! Plus, with being in the great outdoors you might catch sight of so many beautiful things. Get a glimpse of wildlife and nature such as waterfalls, lakes, and different kinds of trees and plants! Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is such a beautiful spot for a date! From the moment you enter the garden, you will se so many amazing different plants and flowers all around you! It is a peaceful and relaxing place to take a stroll with your partner and just spend that time engaging in some meaningful conversations! As well as this, these kinds of gardens usually offer some visually stunning spots to take pictures so that you can commemorate that beautiful date!

The Zoo

Next on this list is going to the zoo! Walking around the zoo and looking at all kinds of beautiful animals is such an amazing idea for a spring time date. Catch a glimpse of your favorite animal and learn more about others animals! In the spring, the weather usually allows for a nice day to go out to places like this. It’s not too hot or too cold! So what better way to spend the day than at the zoo!

Picnic in the Park

Another date idea for this upcoming spring is a picnic in the park! Go get some food and then stop by the store to get your favorite snacks and drinks and have a picnic! Sitting on a blanket and just enjoying each others company can prove to be such a relaxing and memorable date! As well as this, you can also incorporate arts and crafts into this picnic! Go to your local craft store and purchase some supplies to paint something for each other! The important thing is that you have fun and just enjoy the time that you two spend together!

Pick Strawberries

This next date idea is definitely one that is on my list, pick strawberries together! What a better way to welcome the spring time than by going to pick some fresh strawberries together! Spending some quality time walking through that field and finding the best strawberries to pick is a great opportunity to connect even more with your partner and an amazing way to spend the day. As well as this, you’ll have some fresh fruit to take home and maybe even make some desserts or incorporate it in some food that you two will make together! 

Bike Riding

Lastly on this list is bike riding! You can either get a single bike each or rent out a tandem bike! Whichever you choose, it is such a fun way to get out in and feel the wind blowing through your hair! You can do this around your neighborhood, or a nearby park, or even at the beach! Either way, bike riding is definitely a fun and romantic date to go on and perfect for the spring time!