Summer Dance Shows – SYTYCD Audition 1

June 21, 2017 by

so you think you can dance audition show season fourteen episode oneSO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AUDITIONS

From hip hop to ballroom to contemporary and everything in between, summer always promises the best in dance television. One of the hottest summer dance shows is So You Think You Can Dance. The show is in its fourteenth season and twelfth year running on Fox.

If you’re new to the dance television world So You Think You Can Dance, also known as SYTYCD, is a show broken into three different segments. The series begins with airing the auditions of hopeful dancers, the good and the bad. During the audition portion dancers are either sent home, sent to additional choreography to prove themselves, or move straight through to the next round. Once in the Academy, dancers will compete for the final ten spots in the show; this is where the real competition begins! The finalist are paired up with dancers from seasons past, the “All Stars,” and compete with routines choreographed by top industry professionals. In the end it comes down to America’s vote on who will be named “America’s Favorite Dancer” along with some great prize money.

If you missed the first episode of auditions check out the recap below of our favorite performances. Who do you think will come out as America’s favorite dancer in the end?


mark villaver so you think you can dance breaking contemporary


26 years old

Honolulu, Hawaii

Mark was the first dancer to audition for season fourteen. He hit the stage with a breaking-contemporary style he calls “Thera.” This name comes from it being his own form of therapy. Mark found his inspiration in his mother who is a deaf street dancer and has quite the amazing moves herself! With his own style and inspiration shining through, the first audition was the first to make it to the Academy. As the ballroom judge Mary Murphy notoriously says, he got “a first class ticket on the Hot Tamale Train to Vegas!”.



kristina and vasily so you think you can dance audition ballroom


24 years old & 30 years old

Moscow, Russia & Siberia, Russia

This sexy married couple was the first of the season to audition as a duo. Wow, was that the right decision for them! For the first part of the routine Kristina blindfolded Vasily but you would never had known the difference by the way the two moved as one. Their saucy Latin ballroom routine was mostly rumba however contained many tricks from other styles – salsa, samba, tango, and even a bit of lyrical joined the mix. The judges loved this piece and called it one of the best routines ever seen on the audition stage. The nickname “50 Shades of Ballroom” may have even been thrown around a time or two. Once the couple made it straight through to the Academy, Nigel made a joke directly towards Dancing With The Stars about the outstanding ballroom dancers on SYTYCD!



so you think you can dance hip hop audition


24 years old

Raleigh, NC

Robert was another promising dancer to grace the first audition, but dance is not all there is to this versatile artist. Professionally trained in violin, Robert gave up a full-ride music scholarship to pursue his love of dance. With many in disbelief, he was there to prove a point to himself and his doubters. Once the song began he showed the world that he made the best decision in pursuing his dreams. Robert performed a comedic hip hop routine with a huge amount personality. To top it off he even wore a clear sweat suit (Don’t worry, he did have clothes under!). Just as the dancers before him, he was sent straight through to the Academy.


so you think you can dance audition contemporary jazz technique


22 years old

Riverside, CA – LOCAL!

Alexis is already a huge fan favorite! She hit the stage with a jazz routine to the popular song River by Bishop Briggs. The audition was filled with perfectly executed tilts, turns, and incredible control. While most dances to River are done with a fierce tone Alexis performed  from a happy perspective. During the judging Mary Murphy went on about how adorable she is but once Nigel Lythgoe’s turn to speak came up he could only say one word, “Acadamy!”.


Stay tuned throughout the summer as we follow So You Think You Can Dance and keep you informed from a dancer’s prospective. If any of the routines cause inspiration we can even help you get ready for next season’s auditions! Here’s to hoping a ballroom dancer will win the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.