Surprise, Surprise… Wedding Dance Surprise!

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Surprise, Surprise… Wedding Dance Surprise!

One of the best parts of being an instructor at Bella Ballroom is getting the opportunity to help people plan for an upcoming surprise. Not just any kind of surprise… but a DANCE surprise. In my book this is undoubtedly the best kind. I’m the type of person who will cry if a flash mob randomly breaks out. There is something about celebrating life through shared experiences of music and movement that gets to me! Here at Bella Ballroom, we often work with dance surprises planned for debut at an approaching wedding. Wedding dance surprises can come in a variety of forms.

Sometimes the surprise will come from the bride and groom themselves. Even though their first dance is expected, watching family members might not anticipate the couple to perform anything beyond an 8th grade dance sway. I’m currently working with a couple who shared that their family gives the groom a hard time for “not having any rhythm” or being able to dance. It will be to the guests big astonishment when the bride and groom perform a beautiful flowing waltz filled with turns, spins and dips.

Another bride and groom I’m working with will surprise their guests by starting their first dance with a gentle melodic song, misleading everyone with a sentimental sway, and then busting into salsa dancing and power party moves to a popular Latin song.

Wedding dance surprises can also come from other members of the wedding party. I’ve enjoyed spending the last month arranging an elaborate dance melody for a mother and son dance that will include unconventional upbeat tunes, giving a storyline that captures their family’s flavorful personality.

Below you will find video clips showing groomsmen, bridesmaids, best friends, and parents getting in on the action. Notice that dance surprises have been prepared for different moments surrounding the wedding including the proposal and heading down the aisle. One of my favorites is a video that became so popular, it raised $50,000 for a non-profit charity. The wedding couple put the attention that their dance received on youtube to a good cause.

I hope this has inspired everyone to consider planning a dance surprise for an upcoming event or celebration. It will undoubtedly create a joyful moment that you and yours will always remember.

Elaborate Proposal… Get your Kleenex!

Dancing down the Aisle. Got so many hits, they raised money to donate to charity!

Best Friend Busts Out with Britney!

Groomsmen Get Down

Bridal party puts Love On Top

Mom and son represent… AMAZING!

Super Creative Father Daughter dance… A must see

Article by Bella Ballroom instructor, Ziva. Ziva’s favorite dance surprise memory is when she organized a “Thriller” flash mob last Halloween and danced alongside a team of zombies!  Make this upcoming Halloween special at Bella Ballroom! Let Ziva and our team help you learn a fun and spooky dance!