Taking Dance Classes When You’re Single

January 11, 2015 by

taking dance classes when you're singleBeing single and having the urge to learn how to partner dance can be a rather daunting idea for some, however it does not need to be this way. At Bella Ballroom, our passion is teaching dance. This means we have a passion for teaching single dancers, engaged dancers, and married dancers. This also means that we have a passion for teaching all levels of dancers, whether this is your first time ever taking a dance lesson, or even if you are advanced.

However, being single means a couple of important things that should encourage, not discourage, a person to start dancing lessons. While single, you are more flexible. This means that you do not have to work with two schedules (one of you and your partner), but just your schedule. You have the ability to book times that work perfectly for you, just the way you want them.

Not only can you schedule exactly when you want, but you can also learn whatever you want. If you were to learn with a different person, chances are the both of you would have to collaborate about what to learn and how often you wanted to do classes. When single, you can learn what dance you want, when you want it. You have the freedom to learn Salsa one week, Tango dance classes the next, and Waltz dance lessons after that. You have as many options as you could ever imagine and you are the one who makes all the choices. You do not have to feel guilty for overriding your partner, or regretful about compromising with your partner and letting them learn what they want instead of you.

Also, what better to attract a partner than someone who looks good when they move? Everyone loves dancers, it’s true. They are seen as graceful, confident, friendly human beings. They’re not afraid to touch people and they know how to move their bodies. So, if being single is not something you prefer, dancing could possibly help that (although it should not be the main reason that you choose to take lessons).

Last, who doesn’t want to do something that will make them feel good regardless of a relationship status? Dancing helps increase all the chemicals in your brain that give you the feeling of well-being. Plus, it’s healthy for your heart and body as well as your mind!

As you can see, being single should not influence your choice to not dance. Dancing is great and taking dance classes when you’re single is a great thing to do!

Article by Ballroom Dance Office Manager, Shelby