The Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs – Part 1

August 17, 2017 by

Orange County Wedding Songs – Part 1

The most defining element of a first dance beyond the actual wedding couple themselves is the song! Many couples struggle to choose the song that they will dance to as newlyweds. While others know their first dance song choice from the moment of their engagement. In this series, we will share the top 10 most requested first dance songs. We’ll explore fantastic wedding dance ideas to go with each one! Orange County wedding dance couples have requested to learn how to move and groove to each one of the music pieces that made The Knot’s national wedding dance list. Obviously, there must be romantic magic in the melody of these tunes. Let’s take a look at first dance songs numbers 10, 9, and 8!

First Dance Song #10:  “Then” – Bradley Paisley

While “Then” was released in 2009, it is still a first dance favorite today. The hit song is a mid-tempo ballad backed by piano and a strings and highlights Brad Paisey’s voice. He sings about how much stronger his love has become for his partner since he first met her. “Then” creates the perfect mood for a first dance, It would be well paired with a romantic Foxtrot.  The sentimental lyrics offer opportunities for some sweet cuddles and flirty twirls on the dance floor. I would enjoy teaching an Orange County wedding couple a first dance that would take them across the span of their dance floor. It also gives them picturesque moments that could be captured by their wedding photographer.


First Dance Song #9:  “I Don’t Dance” – Lee Brice

While the title of the song “I Don’t Dance” may seem like an ironic choice for a first dance, the lyrics of the ballad reveal a great story. It’s the story of man so in love he is doing things that he normally would never imagine himself doing, including dancing. The song was released in 2014 has sold millions of copies. I would enjoy teaching an Orange County wedding couple a fusion of dance styles to compliment this Country favorite. During the calmer verses, a romantic Bachata would be a nice fit to center the couple on the dance floor. During the chorus, the couple could pick up the pace with a Country Two Step. This would allow them to travel around their dance floor. During the lyrics, “I don’t dance, but here I am spinning you around and around in circles,” the groom would undoubtedly spin the bride multiple times causing her wedding dress to flair out beautifully creating a quintessential first dance moment.


First Dance Song #8:  “1,000 Years” – Christina Perri

“1,000 Years” has undoubtedly been a first dance favorite at Bella Ballroom since its’ release in 2011. It has made Billboard and other music charts both nationally and internationally. While the soft melody of  “1,000 Years” may feel slow to the untrained ear, the song is actually a fast Viennese Waltz. “1,000 Years” gives wedding couples that are willing to put in a little extra effort the opportunity to learn a more challenging dance with a very big pay off. A Viennese Waltz creates the “Beauty and the Beast” ballroom dance feel with big sweeping turns and elegant body frame positioning.  I would create a dance that would reach to the farthest corners of the dance floor and implement impressive lifts and dips to highlight the swells and falls of the music.