The Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs – Part 4

September 25, 2017 by

Part 4 of the Top 10 First Dance Wedding Songs brings us into our final exploration of the songs brides and grooms are choosing to dance to on their special day. Beyond the actual wedding couple themselves, the song that newlyweds end up choosing for their first dance will be its most defining element! Many couples find it challenging to pick the song that they will dance to as newlyweds. Others know their first dance song from the beginning of their engagement. In this article we will share the top 2 most requested first dance songs and explore fun wedding dance ideas to go with one. There must be some romantic magic in the melody of these tunes. Orange County couples have sought our help to learn how to do their wedding dance to each of the songs that made the list. For our final installation of this series, let’s take a look at first dance songs numbers 2 and 1!

First Dance Song #2: “From the Ground Up” – Dan + Shay

The country ballad “From the Ground Up” is about finding true love and building a life together with the person you’ve fallen for. Its no wonder that the song is number two on the first dance music list. Written by Dan Smyers, Shay Mooney, and Chris Destefano, the lyrics were inspired by the love shared by the Dan and Shay’s respective grandparents and the country duo described the song as “the most special song we’ve ever written.” The song is a Viennese Waltz and creates the perfect ambiance for lifts, turns, dips, and picturesque poses. For couples who might be intimidated by the fast Viennese pacing, a modified smoothed out rumba could create the perfect balance of comfortability and grace. They lyrics of the song create some great opportunities for first dance couples to dance out the meaning behind the song.

First Dance Song #1: “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheran

“Thinking Out Loud” has by far been the most requested first dance song since it’s release in 2014. The song was written by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge and has topped music charts internationally. The first dance songs’ smooth melody, romantic lyrics, and music video have all played key components on making this tune a wedding dance favorite.

In the music video, Sheeran executes a ballroom dance with So You Think You Can Dance contestant Brittany Cherry. The routine was choreographed by Nappytabs and has been an inspiration to Orange County wedding couples. Some brides and grooms have requested to learn the exact choreography while others want a dance that creates a similar playful and romantic feel of the choreography. Most of the time modifications are made to the routine to accommodate for the limitations of a wedding dress and heels or the layout of the wedding dance floor. The majority of couples elect to skip the part of the Nappytabs choreography where Sheran and Cherry are laying on the floor. Without the magic of camera angles, this part of the dance doesn’t work the best for couples performing for their wedding guests.

Regardless of the approach couples take for dancing to “Thinking Out Loud”, the outcome is always romantic and splendid. Congratulations to Ed Sheran on making it to the top of the first dance song list! Time will tell when we might see the next big first dance song success.