The Wedding Dance and Other Wedding Traditions

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The Wedding Dance and Other Wedding Traditions

Weddings are like modern day balls. While we don’t typically attend balls anymore, weddings offer a chance to dress up, eat, drink, dance and…have a ball (pun intended). The tradition of a first dance between the bride and groom comes from the days where the guest of honor or the host would open the ball with a special dance. Back around the 17thcentury, wealthy families and royalty would host balls. After that first dance, everyone else was welcomed to the dance floor. As a bride and groom, you are both the guests of honor and the hosts, so it only makes sense to continue that tradition. The reception following the dance is, of course, similar to a ball. Weddings are full of history and traditions with some unexpected origins. Here are a few:

The Tradition of Like-Dressed Bridesmaids

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The practice of bridesmaids dressing alike stems from the more serious duties of bridesmaids of the past. They were to dress similarly to the bride to ward off evil and protect the bride from those who would kidnap her or steal her dowry. This would confuse spirits and would be kidnappers/thieves from knowing who the actual bride was.

Groom Standing to the Left of the Bride

“Speak now, or forever hold your peace” is not often challenged these days, thank goodness! However, it used to be quite common for someone to object. The groom would stand to the right, so his sword hand (typically the right hand) would be free to draw it out and fight for the bride.

The Bouquet Toss

Throwing those flowers over your shoulders to your single girlfriends used to be an escape tactic. It used to be that getting a hold of anything attached to the bride was lucky, including her hair, earrings, or even her dress. Wanting some of the bride’s fortune of getting married, women would try to rip bits of her dress off for good luck. The bride would toss the bouquet as a distraction to get away.

Weddings now are varied in which traditions they include. So whatever traditions you are keeping or skipping, the important thing is that what is included, has meaning to you. After all, this is your wedding day, and you should have a ball!



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