Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

January 6, 2023 by
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Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning how you are going to celebrate with your significant other. Valentine’s Day is an amazing opportunity to express your love for each other. Will you go on an extravagant date, or plan something intimate at home? Maybe, you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do that day? If it’s the latter, don’t worry! Below are a list of date night ideas that you and your significant other can go on this Valentine’s Day!

Recreate your first date

Recreate Your First Date

Whether your first date was at a romantic restaurant or at a bowling alley, take this day as an opportunity to relive that beautiful experience. Recreating your first date might cause you to remember things that you hadn’t even thought of since that day. Try to think about what you two were feeling that day, the nerves, the excitement, or how your hearts just dropped when you first saw each other. Pretend like it’s your first date and save that first kiss for the end to make it all even more magical!

Romantic Restaurant Date

Go to a Romantic Restaurant

The next date idea on this list is a classic, go to a romantic restaurant! It’s a classic for a reason! It is such a romantic date to go on. Just you two enjoying each other’s company while having some delicious food. You can go somewhere new or you can go to a restaurant where you tend to frequent. Just remember that since this is a classic date night idea, restaurants will probably be packed this day so try to make some reservations ahead of time so that everything can go without a hitch!

Fast Food Date

Go to a Fast Food Place

Although romantic restaurants are such a vibe, if you just want to avoid the crowds while still making your stomachs happy, go to a fast food place! You can go through the drive thru, take your food to go and either go home and watch movies or go some place with a view to enjoy your meal. That can either be the beach or a lookout point nearby or just vibing to some music in your car in the parking lot. The important thing is that you two will be enjoying the evening together.

Dance Lesson

Take a Dance Lesson 

Next up on this list is taking a dance lesson together. Even if you both have two left feet, it’ll be a fun experience to get both of you on the dance floor and learn a few moves for the next time you go out dancing. Pro tip: Go to the one and only Bella Ballroom in Orange County for your lessons! We specialize in beginner dancers and have amazing instructors who teach all styles of dance that will get you looking amazing on that dance floor! It could be a fun Valentine’s Day date or you can even buy a package of lessons and make it a regular date night for you two!

Wine & Paint

Wine & Paint

Another date night idea for Valentine’s day is a chill night in sipping on some wine and showing off your painting skills. You can buy some paint and canvases at your nearest craft store and just paint the night away. You can try to copy an image or you can go freestyle and create a painting for each other! Put on some music to vibe to, pour each other a glass of wine and paint the night away! Wait until you two are both done and surprise each other with your creations!

Picnic at the beach

Picnic at the Beach

The last idea on this list is having a picnic at the beach. Take some blankets, your favorite food, drinks, and snacks and have a romantic picnic at the beach. Go around sunset time and enjoy that beautiful view together. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures right at golden hour so you can always have that moment saved for you to look back on in the future!