Watching A Live Performance: Appreciating Dance

January 24, 2016 by
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One of the many things I have an appreciation for is watching a live performance of any kind. Whether it is a theatre play, musical, concert, comedy act, or dance performance, they are all magnificent to me. I personally didn’t start developing an appreciation until I started doing shows myself. My first time I felt like I was on a stage was when I was seven years old; it was for a karate exhibition. So technically it wasn’t an actual show, but it certainly felt like it. The nerves were there and my own expectations on myself to do well. The people I was performing with were ready to wow the audience just like myself. After that experience from then on out I was hooked on performing for others. Throughout high school I performed constantly for color guard and choir events and dance shows in college. I felt like a performer. I loved everything about it. The attention, the pressure, the expectation on myself to have every run through of the performance to be the best I have done yet, all of it was adrenaline that made me thrive. Through these experiences is what developed my appreciation for any type of performer.

dance live performanceI tend to feel a special bond to dancers specifically though due to my experience and background in dance. Every time I get fortunate enough to see a live performance I get anxiously excited for the journey I’m about to take. The combination of movements, music, costumes, make up, lighting, props, and stage set up, all set a mood for each performance. A person can have many different experiences when watching a performance. I not only like to enjoy what the dance is trying to express, but I also like to look for technique and dance combinations. When I go to see a dance show, there are a number of different dance pieces, and each one has its own story behind it. The best part is that each individual audience can have a different interpretation of the dance, and an altogether different experience. I love talking about the shows after the fact with whomever I went with to express both of our opinions on what we saw. It gives me a chance to reflect on the emotions and memories each performance triggered.

There are no rules when watching any live performance. Some things to keep in mind to notice are:

  • The Dancers- the movement and emotions each performer is expressing. I personally tend to be drawn to one or two particular performers for whatever reason. They typically tend to have a really big stage presence that makes them stand out. It is also good to notice the relationships between performers. Chemistry is definitely noticeable, but it also might be a part of the story.
  • The Choreography- the combination of patterns and shapes that are being shown on the stage. Some structures may be abstract.
  • The Design- this includes the costumes, props, lighting (color), stage set up (texture) being used to enhance the movements.

I encourage you if you have not seen a live performance lately to go see one! It can be anything! It’s a fun new experience and a great date night idea! Go out and appreciate performing art!

Article by Jacqui