Wed on a Budget : Guide to cutting your price down

November 18, 2022 by
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In the current times that we live in, everything is only growing to be more expensive. A wedding is something that people want to be special, a day to remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. This can still happen without breaking the bank. Prices are rising, and though it seems like there’s no way around it; we’re here to tell you that it’s very possible. 

1. Sample Sales!

This is something that not a lot of people are familiar with, it was definitely not something we knew of when researching this topic! Many stores hold sample sales, you just need to figure out when they are! A sample sale is when a bridal shop sells dresses that are used as samples. This means that there are other people who have tried on your dress, but the discount can reach up to 70% off! David’s bridal is a good example of where you might find these kinds of sales! Be on the lookout, because supplies are limited. 

2. Skip the weekend!

Most people want to get married on a Saturday, it makes it so much easier for everyone involved. Venues know this, so their prices will be higher for the more sought after dates. Opt for a Sunday wedding instead, these days are less chosen and therefore cheaper. You can always pick a weekday evening for an even cheaper rate! This may cut your guest count down by quite a few, but that alone will be a cost saver!

3. Up and coming vendors!

With how important your wedding is to you, you want everything to be stunning. With this, people tend to lean more towards well known vendors just to ensure they get exactly what they want. The issue here is that if a vendor is booked and busy, they are usually going to be pricier. If you go with an up and coming photographer, for example, who doesn’t have much of a name for themselves yet; your price is going to be much lower than the highly rated photographer. Just because someone is newer at what they do, it doesn’t always mean they’re bad at what they do.

4. Disposables!

If the last tip was one that you simply cannot get behind, the next option would be to just skip the photographer all together. It has become really trendy in the wedding world to leave disposable or Polaroid cameras around at your reception. Encourage your guests to use the cameras to take pictures with each other and with you! After the wedding you can have everything developed. This way is so much more fun anyway! It makes the pictures so much more intimate! 

5. All inclusive packages

These packages are known to be expensive, but that is only because of everything they come with. If you were to buy a package at your venue, it could include; your coordinator, your catering, a dj and a lot more! If you were to get all of those things separately, you will end up paying more in the end. Opt for the packages as much as you can, get more for you buck. This will also help with taking some of the load off of your own shoulders, less to plan means less stress for you!