Wedding Dance Attire for Brides- Orange County Wedding

June 11, 2016 by
Learn to do your wedding dance in any attire!

Learn to do your wedding dance in any attire!

Your wedding day is your time to dress your best and look absolutely beautiful. When it comes to your day and your wedding dance, there are a few things to keep in mind to perform seamlessly in wedding attire.

Shoes: If you have the perfect Jimmy Choos and can’t imagine dancing in anything else, or have five inch heels that fit perfectly to your dress, don’t worry. You can learn to perform your wedding dance regardless of the type of shoe you choose. Here are some suggestions to make it easier.

Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and short enough that you won’t wobble in them. You can pull off dancing in anything, but your best bet is to choose shoes that are less than 3 inches in height and that have a heel that is not too thin. You also don’t want shoes that are likely to fall off your feet. Wedges may seem like a better choice, but the likelihood of you rolling your ankle is much higher.

Depending on how fast or intricate your wedding dance is, you may want to change your shoes just for your dance. The best thing you can do to dance comfortably is dance in ballroom heels. There are ballroom heels that are silk and in a variety of wedding colors such as white and ivory. You can get them online at or at different dance stores in your area. You can always change your shoes for your wedding dance, and then put your preferred shoes once it’s over.

Dress: Bustle your dress! The last thing you want to do during your wedding dance is step on the dress. Make sure that it is not dragging on the floor so that your groom will not step on it either. For a slow dance, you can definitely get away with dancing in your actual wedding dress; just make sure it is not in the groom’s footpath.

If your dance is fast, you may want to consider a change of outfit for the dance. It all depends on if you are willing to let go of wearing your wedding dress for a few minutes. It also depends on how easy your actual wedding dress is to move in. Whether a mermaid, A-line, or ballroom style dress, they are all danceable. It really just depends on the design and how it fits you. If you are willing, you may want to pick a dress that is less restrictive or not going to be in the way as much.

If you are determined to wear your actual wedding dress, which most brides do, don’t worry! Just make sure your instructor knows what you are dealing with. They will know how to work with any type of complication so that you can stay in your dress!

Hair: Pretty much any hairstyle will work, but it is good to know the pros and cons for each style. Having your hair down is beautiful and makes it easier to not accidentally mess it up during the dance; however, watch that it doesn’t get in your way or in the way of your groom as you dance. Having your hair in an updo is always good for dancing as it won’t get in the way; however, make sure it is stable enough that it will not come out during the dance. Accessories in your hair are beautiful; however, make sure they are on your head tightly enough that they will not fall off! If you are going to wear something tall on your head, like a tiara, make sure the groom knows so that he is aware of the need to avoid it during the dance.

Jewelry: Overall, try not to wear jewelry that the groom can get caught on. It isn’t likely. The only piece of jewelry I would watch out for is earrings. Try not to wear earrings with big hoops. He could accidentally get a hand or finger caught in there and snag it right out! So I would suggest no hoops, and make sure that dangling earrings are not easily accessible to your groom’s hand.

Now that you are aware of the different potential wedding attire obstacles, know that there are always ways around them and you will be able to successfully dance in your wedding attire as long as you are careful and take the right precautions. Have a wonderful time learning your wedding dance, and dress for success!

Article by Tayler