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June 11, 2016 by
Wedding Dance, Orange County Wedding

Grooms can learn to do their wedding dance in any attire!

Just as brides have to consider their attire when preparing their wedding dance, grooms also have attire challenges to keep in mind. Even though brides may seem to have more to consider, there are important precautions that the grooms need to take in order to successfully complete a wedding dance without a wardrobe malfunction. Grooms, this is your chance to dress to impress, but you want to make sure it is going to work with your dance.

Shoes: Most guys wear dress shoes, which really are ideal for dancing anyways. The only thing to watch for is if they are way too slippery or not slippery enough. If they are too slippery, the trick is to take a comb and brush up the bottom of the shoe. This will give your shoes a little bit of traction to keep you from sliding. If the shoes are not slippery enough, you can put a little bit of Vaseline on the bottom. Just don’t put too much!

Suit: The only issue you may encounter with the suit is the jacket. When turning your bride, you will most likely have to lift your arms up. Just make sure that you are able to do this in your suit jacket. If for some reason the jacket is way too restrictive, you may want to take it off for the wedding dance. It also may get hot in the jacket, so depending on how intense your dance is, you may want to remove it beforehand anyway. Most grooms are able to get away with wearing it. You just have to get used to dancing in it.

Accessories: The only two accessories that tend to get in the way of dancing are watches and belts. If you are doing any lifts in your dance, make sure you are not wearing either as they can get caught on the brides dress, or they can snag against her and hurt her.

Pants: This one may sound silly, but it has happened. Guys, make sure your pants aren’t too tight. When you are doing a dip, you have to lunge your leg out and it will affect your pants. In order to avoiding any ripping, make sure you have pants you can move comfortably in throughout your entire wedding dance.

Hats: Every once in a while, we have guys who wear a hat of some sort. That is not a problem. I would just be aware of any downward movement. In moves such as dips, your head may go down. Make sure to keep your gaze upward, as to not lose your hat. If you are doing a faster song that requires quick movements, practice your wedding dance with the hat on so that you can see if it will fall off. You can always find a creative way to hold onto it as you dance to protect from it falling off.

Now that you know what to be aware of, you are ready! Just keep these obstacles in mind and you will have no problems executing your dance. Don’t forget, you are dressed in your best. So no matter what happens, you will look great. Have fun learning your dance, and dress for success!

Article by Tayler