Wedding Dance Classes: From the Audience’s Perspective

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Wedding Dance Classes: From the Audience’s Perspective

When students come in to take wedding dance classes for the first time, I understand the nervousness. It is scary to start on a venture you don’t know anything about, one that you don’t know if you are good at, and creating a performance for your friends and family with the risk of embarrassing yourself. As an instructor and performer, I thought I would give you some tips that may make you feel more at ease as you approach the dancing process and as you get closer to the big wedding day!

  1. They don’t know when you mess up, if you don’t advertise it!

Often times people are worried that everyone will notice when you mess up. Remember, you and your dance instructor are the only people who know what the routine is supposed to be, so as long as you keep a poker face and don’t allow anyone to “see” your mistake, they won’t!

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  1. You are most likely not performing for dancers

Even though every once in a while there is a true dancer in the audience, most of the time you are performing your wedding first

dance for people who don’t watch dance very often. They are an audience who is new to the dance world and most likely will be impressed by each move that you do.

  1. It is their first time seeing it

This is the first time they are seeing your first dance, so even if you have grown used to it, they will be as excited about it as you were when you first started. Remember when your dance instructor first showed you a cool move and you were super excited about it? That is how they will feel, and even more so as an audience at your wedding.

  1. Slow down!

You will notice over time that, as you get better, you will have a tendency to speed up. And on the wedding day, nerves can intensify that feeling. Just remember, slow is good. If it seems too slow to you, it is probably perfect to them.

  1. You WILL have a peanut gallery

With your audience being your friends and family, they will be your biggest fans, so be aware of distractions. Once you feel comfortable with your wedding dance, practice every once in a while with the TV on or some other outside distraction. Just as they have artificial noise in sports to keep the players from getting distracted on the day of, it is helpful in dance as well, to make sure you do not get distracted.

  1. They care about YOU more

As we are serious about getting our first dance right, it is often hard to enjoy it in the moment. It’s tough when you are trying to focus! But remember, they are not excited about your dance because they are watching great dancing, they are excited because you two are the ones doing it! So try to remember that your audience are your biggest fans! They are going to be excited about it because they are watching you enjoying dancing together. So try to have fun! Remember, this is your wedding dance, not a competition you are in.

  1. Smile!

At the end of the day, people are going to enjoy your dance. Even if you have a moment that isn’t perfect, nobody is going to notice it. And with our dance teachers’ mad choreography skills, you will no doubt have a wedding dance to impress! The dance looks impressive when you do it well, but it comes to life when you smile and look at each other! It goes from good dancing to your dance and the audience will be that much more excited about it if they can see you in it. So be yourselves and smile! This is your big day!

– Written by Bella Ballroom Dance Studio Instructor, Tayler