Wedding Dance “Do’s and Don’ts”

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It’s your day so you’re allowed to show off a little during your wedding dance! The first dance, father/daughter, and mother/son dances are such a special moment that will quickly become forever memories. Here are a few simple “Do’s and Don’ts” to make sure everything goes smoothly for your first wedding dance.

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Wedding Dance Do’s:

Do: Enjoy dancing together!

Practice for the real thing can be just as special as the wedding dance performance itself. Cherish every moment of learning and growing together.

Do: Start dancing lessons!

Our dance instructors can teach you the basic lead and follow steps or an intricate choreographed routine, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Do: Schedule ahead!

For the basic lead and follow we suggest starting 3 months before performing the wedding dance on your big day. If you want to perform like Dancing With The Stars professionals for your guests, it’s best to start 6-12 months in advance. More practice = more confidence.

Do: Eat cake!

You deserve it after all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Wedding Dance Do Not’s:

Don’t: Worry about being perfect for everyone else.

It’s your wedding dance! If you want to start with a traditional waltz and mash up into the Cha Cha Slide with your new hubby– go for it!

Don’t: Give up total comfort for beauty while dancing.

There are many princess worthy shoes that are still easy to move in. If your wedding heels are not made for dancing perhaps consider a second pair. After all, a girl can never own too many shoes!

Don’t: Stress if you miss a step or two.

No one knows your choreography besides the two of you and your dance instructor. Move on to the next step and have a good time.

Don’t: Forget to send us your wedding videos for a feature!

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