Wedding Dance in your Wedding Dress

June 20, 2015 by
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first dance wedding dresses

We always recommend our students come to dance lessons in comfortable clothing and shoes that stay on your feet. This is great for practice, getting sweaty and maybe a few accidental steps on your partner’s toes 😉 But what we sometimes forget is, we’re not going to be decked in lulu lemon on the big day. Some things to keep in mind for the wedding:

Discuss your wedding dress with your dance instructor. Your instructor will be able to give you specific moves that will work with your dress type. Different wedding dresses present different challenges. Trumpet skirts don’t always allow larger steps or certain lifts while ball gowns don’t allow your partner to get as close to you and bustles can sometimes complicate quick turns. You should discuss your wedding dress style with your instructor by the second or third lesson so you can be the best prepared. We also have practice skirts at our studio so you and your partner can get a sense of how it will feel on the real day. Gentlemen can take off their suit/tuxedo jackets for the first dance.

Shoes always make a big difference for both ladies & gents. We recommend starting your lessons in comfortable, athletic-type shoes. After a few lessons, ladies should try dancing in heels that are a similar style and/or height to your wedding shoes. Practicing in your actual wedding shoes is usually a good idea in just the last couple lessons because you don’t want to ruin or scuff them before all the pictures! Gentlemen should switch to dress shoes/leather-soled shoes a few lessons before the wedding.

If you have anything special, or out of the ordinary for your wedding attire, we recommend seeking your instructor’s advice. We want to help you look your best on your special day!

Article by Teah.