Wedding Dance Lesson Tips for Parents of the Bride or Groom

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Wedding Dance Lesson Tips for Parents of the Bride or Groom

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Congratulations! Your child is getting married, and the wedding preparation is underway! While they and their spouse-to-be are taking dance lessons for their first dance, you can learn to dance too. For any mother-son, father-daughter dances, it is helpful to have an idea of what to do before the big day. Plus, taking wedding dance lessons now means you can join in on the fun later in the night on the dance floor! We love having parents come in, whether they’re dancing with their child or each other. It’s a fun activity that will help build your confidence, and there are plenty of reasons to learn!

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Wedding Dance Lesson Tips for Parents

Take lessons to dance with your child.

We have parents wanting to learn some basic steps for their mother/son or father/daughter dance, and we have parents with their child who want a fully choreographed dance. We can help with either goal!

Take lessons to dance with your spouse/significant other.

There will be music during the rest of the reception, so why not learn to dance for that as well? We can help with some more “social” steps that aren’t as choreographed so you can join in on the fun the rest of the night. It’s not uncommon for parents to take dance lessons with each other so that they can dance together at the reception. We can teach you some fun swing, waltz, or salsa so you can dance the night away to whatever is played!

Your newfound skills can be a fun surprise for your guests.

We get many couples and parent/child duos who want their big dance reveal to be a secret! Dance lessons are a fun bonding time with each other, and it’s always fun to have an unexpected and impressive surprise to wow the guests! Plus, you can use your new dancing skills any time you like, even after the wedding.