Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Volume 1

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These days, celebrity weddings are all the rage! After learning about some first dance songs of celebrities, we wondered about their wedding dance lessons and what they did for their first dance at their wedding. Since we run a wedding dance studio we often wonder about this! Many of these celebrities likely took wedding dance classes for their wedding, but since many wedding details of celebrities aren’t revealed, we aren’t too sure! But we thought it would be fun to explore what we would have loved to see for their first dance. We decided to pick some dance styles and choreography ideas based on who they are as a couple, their wedding venue and what their personality appears to be and how they could express that through their first dance.

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux

First Dance Song: “Chandelier” by Sia

Wedding Venue: Private Home in Beverly Hills, CA

wedding dance lessons for jen and justinJennifer and Justin’s wedding was super top secret, so not much is known about it. They married in their Beverly Hills home in California in August 2015. For their first dance they danced to a live performance by Sia to her top hit “Chandelier.” This is an interesting choice for a dance song and not a song one would typically associate for a first dance song at a wedding. Since it is more of a popular song we would have done something different for this couple as their choreographers. A modern stylized dance could have been really exciting and they could have used some of the fun (and a little bit funky) dance moves that Sia does in her music video. The song has a lot of drama so we’d definitely want to express that in their dance. During some of the more dramatic moments, it would be great to add some fast spins and turns and if they were up for it, a lift. Another route would have been a stylized rumba, just to be different. The rumba would have been a softer, romantic choice and could be a cool contrast compared to the energy and drama of the music. Since their first dance song was played live, a challenge they’d have to address during their wedding dance lessons would be make sure they were ready to ‘go with the flow’ in terms of tempo and unexpected musical cues, since dancing to a live band will always feel a little different than dancing with the recorded song track. Any route they decided on, we’re sure would have been great!


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Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

First Dance Song: “At Last” by Etta James

Wedding Venue: Cardinal Cerreti Memorial Chapel in Sydney, Austrailia

wedding dance lessons for nicole and keithWe love this classy couple! They were married in Sydney, Australia on June 25th, 2006. They had a very elegant candlelight ceremony at Cardinal Cerreti Memorial Chapel and they danced to the Etta James classic “At Last” for their first dance. We would have loved to see them perform an elegant Foxtrot for their wedding dance. With their tall, classic good looks, they would have looked great in elegant ballroom dance attire. We’re thinking a throwback to the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers days! It would have been great to see Nicole in a long, old fashioned-style ball gown, maybe with some feathers and fringe on the bottom and we’d love to see the country crooner in a classic tuxedo with tails. For their first dance, a Foxtrot style dance with long, sweeping steps and romantic sways would have looked great on this couple. We would love to see movements covering the entire dance floor, making great use of the space with turns and pivots, creating a sense of old-fashioned romance for this classic couple.


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Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #3: Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

First Dance Song: A Song For You by Donnie Hathaway

Wedding Venue: Borao Egnazia Resort in Southern Italy

wedding dance lessons for jessica and justinWe couldn’t think of a more perfect song for these two. We think their first dance song choice was spot on—soulful and super romantic. It was even more romantic to hear that Justin sang his wife down the aisle to a new song he made especially for her (cue the tears.) And we just loved the fact that she chose a pink dress for her big day. A girl really is pretty in pink! These two shared a very romantic wedding in Southern Italy at the Borao Egnazia Resort in October of 2012. We all know that Justin is a great dancer, so we’re sure he’d be a great leader and dance partner to Jessica. Since their song was so slow and sultry, we’d definitely want to see them dancing very close for this dance. Minimalistic choreography would definitely be the ticket for these two. A really showy and big choreographed dance wouldn’t be a good fit for this song. Soft, subtle movements would give this dance the most impact and maintain the feeling of their song for this close couple.

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #4: Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan

First Dance Song: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Wedding Venue: Private Estate in Malibu, California

wedding dance channing and jennaChanning and Jenna were married on a private estate in Malibu in 2009. Their ceremony and reception took place outside. We were really surprised by the wedding song choice of these two. They picked “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as their first dance song. Although we love the song, we don’t think we would have picked that song for this couple. We would have done a mash up style first dance for them! They are both phenomenal dancers, so if we were going to choreograph their wedding dance we’d start off with a traditional slow song for them to enjoy their moment together and then have them break out into a mash up dance mix so they could express their goofy playfulness. We think it would have been awesome to see them throw in some old-school 90s hip hop style dance moves in their mix or maybe something goofy like MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This” or some Vanilla Ice, “Ice Ice Baby.” We think they could have really brought down the house with something more upbeat! But even if we didn’t get to see their hip hop style during their wedding dance, at least we can go back and watch it in their movies whenever we want. J

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #5: David & Victoria Beckham

First Dance Song: It Had to Be You by The Starlight Orchestra

Wedding Venue: Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin, Ireland

wedding dance lessons for victoria and davidThis power couple married back in July 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin, Ireland. They chose a very traditional song for their first dance, “It Had to be You.” From our understanding, a live orchestra played their song. We are sure the live music during their first dance provided an amazing experience for their wedding guests. Although dancing to a live orchestra is a beautiful choice, it can provide some challenges for dancing since one is generally not able to hear (and practice to) the exact song arrangement. As their dance instructors, we’d want to make sure to provide them with enough improvisation skills with their dancing, just in case anything unexpected happened with their music. Since David and Victoria seem like a fairly laid-back couple and given their live music, we think we’d choose a “lead-follow” dance for this couple. Meaning, we’d show them some really fun moves, but not necessarily put it into a choreographed dance. They could do the patterns they wanted to, but not have to worry about a specific order or memorizing choreography. We’d still want to give them a beginning and an ending for the dance to make sure those moments still look great and polished. Also, although Victoria’s dress is exceptionally beautiful, if a dress like this wasn’t bustled right then it could get in the way while dancing together, so we’d want to help them practice with one of or rehearsal skirts in the studio to make sure they were prepare for any unexpected wardrobe challenges.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about what we’d like to see for celebrity wedding dance lessons! More articles about celebrities and their first dances to come!

Article by Jennelle and Jacqui


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