Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Volume 4

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This week brings us to Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Volume 4. I love finding out which wedding dance songs each celebrity couple chooses and how their first dance fits their personalities, their wedding theme, and venue. As usual, more is known about some celebrity weddings than others, but it’s fun to imagine either way. Hope you enjoy this week’s edition of celebrity wedding dance lessons ideas.

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: Paul McCartney & Nancy Shervell

First Dance Song: “My Valentine” by Paul McCartney

Wedding Venue: Old Marylebone Town Hall in London, UK

wedding dance lessons for paul and nancyPaul McCartney said “I Do” to his beautiful wife Nancy on October 9th in 2011 at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London. Their reception was held at McCartney St John Wood home. Many details are not know about their big day, but we do know that they had their first dance to “My Valentine” by Paul McCartney himself. Now if that is not adorable then I don’t know what is. A slow rumba would have been very acceptable for this song because it is sexy and fun for the couple. Paul would definitely have the opportunity to show off his dashing wife and he could have even surprised her by singing to her at the end of it.


Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: Kate Moss & Jamie Hince

First Dance Song: “If There Is Something” by Roxy Music

Wedding Venue: St. Peters Parish Church in Southrop, England

wedding dance lessons for kate and jamieIt is no surprise that the beautiful Kate Moss went all out for her Great Gatsby styled wedding. The wedding was at St. Peters Parish Church in Southrop England on July 1st, 2011. The reception was held at the Moss country home. The décor was very elegant and beautiful. There was a six tiered traditional white wedding cake surrounded by yellow roses at the bottom of the cake. Kate and Jamie picked a great song for their first dance. It was said that Kate changed into a smoky gray evening gown for their first dance. I would of loved to see them do a single time East Coast Swing styled dance.  This style is just so much fun and would have fit their Great Gatsby 1930s theme perfectly.

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #3: Drew Barrymore & Will Kopeland

First Dance Song: “No Ones Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses and the Spazmatics

Wedding Venue: Montecito California Home

wedding dance lessons for drew and willDrew and Will were married on June 2nd in 2012. The wedding was held at their Montecito, California home where the pregnant bride, dressed in a tulle flowers and feathers embroider skirt, had a traditional Jewish Wedding. I’ve haven’t heard of anyone picking “No Ones Gonna Love You” as their first dance song. It’s a different choice, but not in a bad way. Recently Drew announced their divorce, which is sad news for the couple. So instead of talking about their wedding song, I thought it would be a fun idea to have them do a Paso Doble. This type of dance is usually fun and plays off the love and hate in relationships. Its full of intense emotions so I thought it would be appropriate as a sort of farewell dance. Best of luck to them both.



Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #4: Joel Madden & Nicole Richie

First Dance Song: “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Wedding Venue: Lionel Richie Beverley Hills Estate

wedding dance nicole and joelIn researching this article, one of my favorites was the wedding Nicole Richie. She married her musician beau at her father, Lionel Richie’s, Beverly Hills estate on December 11, 2010. Guest were greeted by a 47 year old elephant that Nicole got to keep as a wedding gift from her husband. The wedding was a Versailles theme and had antique chandeliers, mirrors lined the walls and a hand painted floor in the outside tent during reception. Nicole and Joel danced to the classic song “ What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and though we do not know if they took dance lessons, I would have had the couple dance a slow rumba. The rumba is a sexy dance and I think that fits the actress’s personality and would allow the couple to be cute and flirty with some sexy hip action. And for the father daughter dance to “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole, I would have them dance a classy Waltz for have a beautiful father daughter moment with elegant dips and twirls.


Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #5: Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prince Jr.

First Dance Song: “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Gertrude Lawrence

Wedding Venue: El Careyes Resort near Puerto Vallarta Mexico

wedding dance lessons freddie price and sarah michelleThe infamous Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress tied the knot with Freddie Prince Jr. on September 1, 2002 at El Careyes Resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The ceremony was at a Private Villa (Sol del Oriente.)  Not much else is known about their wedding, but they did dance to “Someone to Watch Over Me” that was performed by the Guadalajara band. For this song in particular I would have had the lovely couple do a Foxtrot. The Foxtrot is a traveling dance, which would be perfect for the couple to sweep across the dance floor. Since they’d be traveling all across their wedding dance floor, it would be the perfect opportunity for their guests to get a great view of this beautiful couple.

That concludes this week’s edition to the Celebrity Wedding Dance suggestions. I hope you enjoyed reading about our ideas for wedding dance lessons and maybe got inspired! Watch out soon for Wedding Dance Ideas Vol 5!

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