Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities 2017 Volume 2

Volume 2 of our Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities 2017 brings you a fun exploration of the first dance possibilities of famous couples from the world of music, movies, TV, technology, and sports! For these famous couples, we were not able to discover their first dance songs, how they danced at their wedding, or whether or not they took wedding dance lessons. For fun, we speculated their first dance songs and came up with wedding dance lessons ideas that we would have loved to create for these couples. Our imaginary first dance details are tailored to the personalities and wedding details of each couple. All of these couples were married this year in 2017 and we’d like to wish all the newlyweds a huge congratulations!

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: Stevie Wonder and Tomeeka Robyn

Our First Dance Song Pick: “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke

Wedding: Summer 2017

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Stevie Wonder and longtime girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn tied the knot!

Famous singer Stevie Wonder married his longtime girlfriend at the Hotel Bel-Air where hundreds of butterflies were released from a box as they exchanged vows. The event was a family affair as the couple were accompanied by the singer’s nine children, ages 3 to 42, who acted as best man and bridesmaids.

While Stevie and Tomeeka’s actual wedding dance song is unknown to us, I can imagine the couple dancing to Sam Cooke’s “Nothing Can Change This Love” for their first dance together as a married couple. Sam Cooke was one of Stevie’s inspirations as an emerging artist. The song is sweet and has a very romantic groove. If I were to give Stevie and Tomeeka wedding dance lessons, I would create something unique for this slower song and wonderful couple. I would adjust a rumba to be danced on every downbeat to match the character of the song. I would teach beautiful dance patterns that would allow the couple to stay physically connected at all times allowing them to stay confident and dance seamlessly. While we don’t know if Stevie and Tomeeka actually got wedding dances lessons, we would have loved to help show them their way around the dance floor for their special day.


Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll

Our First Dance Song Pick: “Por Una Cabeza” by Carlos Gardel

Wedding: June 24th, 2017

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Newlyweds Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll

Dancing With the Stars host and Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews and National Hockey League player Jarret Stoll celebrated an intimate wedding in Big Sky Montana. While the couple had originally planned to do a casual wedding, they dressed up stunningly; Erin in a form fitting, off-shoulder gown and Jarret in a black-and-white tuxedo.

In honor of this couple’s athleticism and desired intimate feel for their wedding, I think that wedding dance lessons would have been best served creating an epic tango for this partnership. Tango can be a very intimate dance, and with Jarret’s athletic background, I could picture him lifting and dipping Erin to create some very exciting wedding dance moments. Argentine styled Tango would allow Erin to dance in her form-fitting dress, as well as contribute to the overall feel of romance. All in all, wedding dance lessons would have these fast learners up and dancing like professionals in no time!


Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #3: Maggie Grace and Brent Bushnell

Our First Dance Song Pick: “La Mer” by Charles Trenet

Wedding: May 28th, 2017

Celebrity Wedding Dance Lessons Orange County

Maggie Grace and Brent Bushnell get married!

The former “Lost” star and Two Bit Circus CEO celebrated an intimate ceremony in La Jolla, California. Their closest family and friends surrounded the couple as they became husband and wife. Most of the details of their wedding and relationship have been kept very private. Maggie did post a photo of her and her fiancé after their engagement. The happy duo smiled as they rode on the back of a boat. This photo seems to be the only public photo of the couple, and certainty the most published. In celebration of their water friendly photo, I chose “La Mer” to be their first dance song. While in reality I have no idea what the first dance song actually was for the newlyweds chose, I thought “La Mer” (The Sea) would be a good pick to celebrate the couple’s enjoyment of spending time on the water together. The song is also a nice subtle choice for this “undercover” relationship.

If Maggie and Brent had taken wedding dance lessons, they would have learned a beautiful foxtrot highlighting the joy of the song. Grapevine foxtrot patterns would have made for sweeping dance moves mimicking the waves of the sea. I imagine that Maggie and Brent would have made great students for their wedding dance lessons. Maggie’s acting skills and Brent’s affinity for entertainment would have made the perfect mix for creating a compelling first dance.