Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Vol 15 Orange County

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Volume 15 of our Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities series brings you an entertaining exploration of the first dance possibilities of two famous couples. These two duos are best known for their affinity in the world of film and television. Most exciting to us, these couples revealed their first dance songs to the public! While we don’t know if the wedded actors actually took wedding dance lessons, we were able to create fun first dance ideas for them. We considered the details of their weddings and the personalities of each couple. We crafted wedding dance lessons ideas for each couple and share them with you below. Orange County first dance couples might find some inspiration here. Take a look!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Wedding Dance Lessons Song: “Amazed” by Lonestar

orange county celebrity wedding dance lessons first dance

Actress Tori Spelling and actor and host Dean McDermott met on the set when the two were filming a TV movie in Canada. They knew that their love was true and they shared vows alone together May 7th, 2006 at the Wakaya Club in Fiji. Since they shared vows without their friends and family, they planned a post-wedding celebration in Los Angeles, California.

Tori and Dean’s post-wedding celebration had many special touches. Guests wrote to the newlyweds on cards hung from a “wish tree” made of willow branches and orchids. The vase was filled with shells that the couple had collected in Fiji. The couple also shared footage of their ceremony in Fiji when they completed their vows.

Considering the personalized touch of Tori and Dean’s celebration, we would have created a personalized touch for their wedding dance lessons. The couple chose “Amazed” by Lonestar for their first dance. The song was a hit single after it’s release in 1998. Its romantic lyrics create the perfect ambiance for a first dance. The slow ballad’s country flair makes it easier for non-dancers to tackle performing in front of wedding guests. I would have given Tori and Dean wedding dance lessons in Foxtrot and Country Two-Step to choreograph a unique and customized combination.

Foxtrot would have allowed the couple to move across their dance floor. The newlyweds would have glided across the dance floor in their Dolce & Gabbana. Two-step would have tapped into the country flair of “Amazed.” Tori’s dress would have been shown off with some twirls. The couple would have gotten some great photos in a Two-Step promenade.

I also would have helped the couple learn some extra moves for their reception. During their reception, the DJ played hits favored by the couple including tunes by Jonny Cash and June Carter. With wedding dance lessons, Dean could have led Tori though some country two-step twirls in the moment.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Wedding Dance Lessons Song: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra

orange county celebrity wedding dance lessons first dance

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara and Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello tied the knot in Florida on November 22nd, 2015. The couple’s wedding came nearly a year after their December 2014 engagement. The couple said “I will” instead of “I do” in front of their guests. The ceremony was emotional and filled with laughter and happy tears from those who attended.

Sofia admitted she had a little bit of the “bridezilla” in her and made sure that her detail-oriented plans were executed. The celebration included a weekend full of activities including a pool party, a lavish rehearsal dinner and a pre-wedding party that included the groom serenading his bride-to-be. In lieu of gifts, the couple asked guests to send a donation to one of two charities.

If I were to give Sofia and Joe wedding dance lessons, I would make sure to give them a fully choreographed dance. Considering Sofia’s favor towards detailed planning, I believe a planned dance would make her the most comfortable and happy. Their song, “The Way You Look Tonight” makes for the perfect first dance Foxtrot. Their dance would be romantic and have some fun moments that played towards their audience. Considering the couple’s request to guests donate in lieu of giving them gifts, it’s obvious that the couple enjoys thinking of others. I’d help the couple set up moments within their first dance to be playful and show of their fun personalities. With wedding dance lessons, Sofia and Joe could achieve the most memorable first dance.