Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Vol 16 Orange County

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Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: Amy Schumer and Chris Fischerwedding dance first dance classes

First Dance Lessons Song: That’s All by Edie Adams

Wedding: February 13th, 2018

Comedian and Actress Amy Schumer married chef Chris Fischer earlier this year in an unannounced ceremony and reception. Schumer reportedly texted guests several days ahead of the event in Malibu, CA. She wore a simple Monique Lhuillier gown for the oceanside mansion wedding, with moments sweet and humorous aplenty. The two danced to “That’s All” (you can hear it in the show, “I Love Lucy.”) The wedding, which was planned about a week before the actual event, was stress-free and low-fuss.

To go with Schumer and Fischer’s relaxed attitude, a dance for them would be simple and sweet with a California sunset in the background. I would teach them to sway elegantly with sweet dips and turns to capture the sweetness of the song while not being so over the top so as to be out of place.






Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: Drew Scott and Linda Phan

First Dance Lesson Songs: “Sleep Walk” by Santo and Johnny, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, “Pony”, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Wedding: May 12th, 2018

ballroom dancing for wedding dance

HGTV star Drew Scott married Linda Phan, the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment, in Puglia, Italy on May 12thof this year. Drew wore a traditional kilt as a nod to his heritage, and Linda had an elegant dress with colorful floral detailing on the bodice.

Considering Drew was on Dancing with the Stars, the couple could have incorporated several different styles with some fun side by side moves. The couple started their dance with the sweet sounding “Sleep Walk.” For the transition, I would have the couple peppering in different ballroom styles with side by side dancing. Cha cha would be a fun dance for “Uptown Funk.” “Pony” would be a transition dance with some sexy moves. With their height difference, they could incorporate some impressive lifts. I think it would be great if “Pony” were kept secret from Linda, with Drew doing a mini solo for her before playing Happy, which would be perfectly paired with Jive before inviting the wedding party up to join them.