Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities Volume 9

October 17, 2017 by

Volume 9 of our Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities series brings you an entertaining exploration of the first dance possibilities of well-known couples. From the world of politics to those known in the world of music, we explore how these duos may have danced on their big day. While we know the first dance songs of these famous couples, we don’t actually know what they did for their dance or if they took wedding dance lessons. We created fun wedding dance ideas for these couples and share them with you below. Enjoy!

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: JOHN F. KENNEDY JR AND CAROLYN BESSETTE

First dance song: “Forever In My Life” by Prince

John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette pulled off a secret ceremony on a tiny island off the coast of Georgia. Their first dance song, “Forever In My Life” was released in 1987 on Princes’ “Sign O’ The Times” album. Written by the artist himself, the romantics lyrics sing, “I want to keep you for the rest of my life, you are my savior, you are my light. All that’s wrong in my world you can make right, forever I want you in my life.”

I’d like to believe that John and Carolyn lived their tragically short time together to the fullest. I imagine the getaway bride and groom doing a cha-cha to the rhythmic groove of their first dance song. The bride’s Narcisco Rodriguez wedding dress and gloves would have created the perfect outline for long posing arms and Cha-Cha figures. I picture John being the perfect wedding dance lead with a Patrick Swayze Latin dance vibe. The wedding dance would end with a romantic dip and photo perfect moment for this beautiful couple.



Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: ASHLEE SIMPSON AND EVAN ROSS

First dance song: “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder
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Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross tied the knot in August of 2014 and celebrated with a bohemian-themed ceremony. Ashlee wore a long-sleeve lace Aligote crop top over a Madonna bralet and lace Macbeau skirt for the ceremony. Evan’s chic suit was very fitting and was the perfect match for his beautiful bride. The couple chose Stevie Wonder’s 1965 hit single to dance to for the first time as a wedding couple.

The couple’s joyous first dance song invites the couple to do a peppy foxtrot. Ashlee and Evan’s wedding dance lessons could have included a fun fusion of foxtrot and downbeat rumba. I picture Ashlee being dipped by Evan and even thrown into a few lifts. The romantic lyrics of the Stevie Wonder song make it a great pick for this musical couple. “And though you don’t believe that they do, they do come true, for did my dreams, come true when I looked at you.”




First dance song: “At Last” by Etta James

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Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky got married in front of about 400 of their family and friends in Rhinebeck, New York. The wedding day was described as a beautiful private affair. Chelsea and Marc chose “At Last” for their first dance. It would have been fun to give Marc and Chelsea wedding dance lessons in Viennese Waltz for this classic tune. The wedding dance song acts as an invitation for romantic turns and sweeping moves across the dance floor. Chelsea’s luminous skirt of organza and tulle would have flared out beautifully with each and every spin of a first dance waltz.

Chelsea danced with her father Bill Clinton to “The Way You Look Tonight” for their father-daughter dance. Wedding dance lessons would have prepared them to perform about a smooth foxtrot. Simple turns would have allowed teary-eyed Bill to be in the moment while celebrating his daughter in a dance.