Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrity Couples

January 29, 2020 by
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Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

These lovebirds met on the set of the movie The Game Plan but would not date until a year later. The two have since been through many ups and downs together, including the arrival of their beautiful daughters Jasmine and Tiana. Only nine adults and their kids attended the wedding, making for an intimate event. Family and friends arranged the entire affair to keep it private and away from paparazzi.

With Dwayne’s Polynesian heritage and the wedding being set on the beautiful island of Kauai, it would be appropriate to incorporate hula themes with swaying hips and flowing, twisting arms. With Dwayne having such a large stature, we would include a lot of moves where he can be more stationary. That way when we give Lauren more dynamic moves, such as twirls lead by her husband, there is a visual balance between the two. This couple would also do well with gorgeous lifts. We would end their first dance with a gazelle lift where Lauren would be lifted to Dwayne’s side as they spin around gracefully. He could slowly lower her into a dip and seal the deal with a sweet kiss.

Alison Brie & Dave Franco

Alison and Dave actually met at Mardi Gras in 2011. The two met through a mutual friend and Alison described that there was a “semi-immediate click” between them. From the beginning, they kept their relationship on the down-low, not making an official public appearance together until 2015. Overall their relationship seems low-key and chill. They often post adorable pictures with their two cats who belonged to Dave originally.

We thought with a quieter lifestyle it would be a fun contrast to teach them Swing for their first dance. This energetic style keeps the couple bouncing around the dance floor. They could easily pair it with a classic or more modern song. Alison has talked about how she had to stay in shape for her Netflix show Glow. Dave could incorporate plenty of lifts and leans that would make their first dance even more visually dynamic. The grand finale we would plan for them would be a death drop dip that would wow their guests.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Everything about Joe and Sophie’s relationship seems unorthodox. Their first interaction and the kick-start of their relationship was in 2016 when Joe sent Sophie a private message on Instagram. Like most celebrity couples, they weren’t too open about the relationship until they had been together. Sophie has since described the relationship as having helped with her confidence after losing her sense of self from acting. Now they have matching tattoos, one has “to infinity” and the other has “and beyond”. The two first tied the knot after the Billboard music awards. They decided to “viva Las Vegas” and got married at The Little White Wedding Chapel officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Later, they would have a formal ceremony in southern France.

As a nod to their wedding’s location, we would suggest the Viennese Waltz to this couple. Sophie’s well-known role in Game of Thrones has already prepared her with the tall and graceful posture needed. Joe would lead Sophie around the floor in this gorgeous dance. Their venue,  Chateau de Torreau, is already the perfect setting for such a classic dance. But we can’t keep things too serious with this non-traditional couple. We would recommend a mash-up! After traveling around the floor a few times, the couple could transition to a contemporary song coupled with a fun dance sure to entertain the crowd. They could even use one of Joe’s family’s iconic Jonas Brothers songs.

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