Wedding Dance Lessons For Celebrity Couples

January 12, 2020 by
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Hello Dancers! We are going to let our imagination go and create the ideal wedding first dance for celebrity couples! Here a few scenarios we created. These were just for fun and are not real.

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Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

This beautiful couple was set up by a mutual friend on a ‘blind date’ in December 2006.  Gisele remembers very well that from first date she knew Tom Brady was the ideal man for her. She describes Tom Brady as a man with the purest heart and that’s all that matters. Brady proposed to Gisele in 2009 on a private plane. The NFL quarterback filled the plane with roses and bottles of champagne to celebrate the beautiful moment.

Once they were engaged they started looking for the most prestigious dance studio to prepare their first dance. So as you can imagine, they came to Bella Ballroom Dance Studio. We had a great consultation class; we understood very well what they were looking for and guess what song they danced to? Perfect by Ed Sheeran…

Gisele wanted an entrance where she could display her runway walk, and let me tell you guys, that was tremendously beautiful. On the other side, Tom Brady was standing at the end of the runway, waiting to receive his fiancé and begin the dance. They danced a romantic waltz and, of course, the end of the choreography was a touchdown celebration! 

Thank you Tom and Gisele. We would love to have you in the studio again to learn how to dance salsa. That way we can help Tom Brady move those hips a little better!

Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin

Well this has to be an exciting first dance guys. This couple met in 1988 in a restaurant in West Hollywood. Like many other celebrities they have heard about Bella Ballroom Dance Studio and our top class service, incredible instructors, and a friendly atmosphere. They didn’t even think twice. They called the studio, I picked up the phone, me and Sylvester talked about the gym life; he was a very nice guy. I gave him some tips, he listened, and then we talked about their wedding dance. You would be surprised but he was actually very excited to start dance lessons. I asked him what their wedding song was and you have probably guessed it right. “The Eye of The Tiger” was his choice. I asked him if his fiancé would be fine with it and he said nothing to worry about, I’ll convince her.

When they came into the studio, he was thrilled to begin. He said the first two minutes he wanted to do his Rocky walk. We allowed him to do his thing and then we put together very fun choreography. He told us the main dance was going to be in a boxing ring with both of their initials in the center of the ring. The entrance was like a boxing match, Jennifer was announced in the Blue corner and Sylvester in the Red corner.
The referee rang the bell and they started their dance. The crowd loved it! The dance was the most original they have ever seen and we definitely had an amazing time with them!

Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina Rodriguez

Alright dancers, get ready for this story. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular soccer players in the history of the sport, has broken so many records, and many hearts. Until Georgina Rodriguez stepped to the picture. They first met in June 2016 at a Gucci store, where Georgina used to work as a sales assistant. After three years of dating and establishing the foundation of their relationship, Cristiano proposed to Georgina. And you know how the story goes, celebrities know where to go when it comes to learning their first dance. It doesn’t matter where they live. They fly to California, book their $20 consultation, and we do what we do best. We offer top class service, listen to our customers, and create choreography customized to them.

I have heard before that Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethic is insane – out of this world – but I did not realize that would be translated into the dance floor. He asked us for a spare key so that he could come in to studio in closed hours and continue practicing. He said he wanted to master his dance, and oh boy he did. More than a hundred repetitions with his ‘box step’ until he got it right. Georgina has a dance background so this time it was Cristiano the one that had to step up his dancing game.

For their wedding song,  they chose “At Last” by Etta James. It is a beautiful song, although we have heard it more than a thousand times. The choreography was simple, in the middle of a soccer field with the stadium lights pointing towards the center of the field. There was a full crowd in the stands, but this time only two players on the field. Keep your eyes open for when the event happens and know that Bella Ballroom Dance Studio was part of it!

I hope you all enjoyed our fun and fake Celebrity Stories. But don’t just take these stars’ word for it. Come see us for a $20 consultation class and let’s have a good time together!