Wedding Dance Lessons Interview with Leya and Chad

April 30, 2016 by

At the end of last month we celebrated Leya and Chad’s one-year anniversary at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio! They came to us for wedding dance lessons and we’ve enjoyed getting to know this couple and have been delighted by their presence as they have continued to dance at our Orange County Dance Studio! I sat down to talk to them about their memorable double-header dance for their wedding at the JW Marriot in San Francisco and overall dance experience at Bella Ballroom.

wedding dance lessons with leya chadWhere was your wedding?

C: We got married in San Francisco at the JW Marriot.

L: In Sept. 2015

Why San Francisco?

L: Because that’s where we met.

How did you meet?

C: I hired her. I was a director for the Marriot as an administrator. After 6 months I transferred her. A few weeks later was my birthday celebration and she sent me a card and that’s when I first started noticing her.

L: He recommended to me a place to eat so I went with my parents. It wasn’t that good.

C: So I said “OK I’ll take you to a great place.” And actually asked her out. Which then I had to research a good restaurant cause I had no clue.

How long have you guys been together?

L: We’ve been together for 4.5 years.

What is your first dance song? Why did you choose it for your wedding? Does it have any significance for your first dance?

L: I always have liked the song by Simply Red called “The World and Me Tonight.”

C: The deal was that she could pick the first dance song and I would pick the second dance song and style. I wanted to do the Paso Doble due to watching, “So You Think You Can Dance.” I wanted a powerful, man’s dance. I love the quick dances and the love, hate, passionate kind.

What type of first dance are you working on for your wedding?

L: Foxtrot and Paso Doble

What is your favorite part about taking wedding dance lessons?

C: It brings us together.

L: It’s always been that we end up leaving happier and more connected.

C: Its stress-free. The overall process and build up of learning the dances. It was the biggest hit at the wedding.

L: And felt like our biggest accomplishment.

C: People still talk about it.

Do you have a favorite move that you’re working on during your dance lessons? If so, what is it?

L: Dips, turns, lifts, slap, heartbeat pounding in the middle of the Paso.

C: The dip at end of Paso doble because of the dramatic pause in the music.

What do you find most challenging about the process of taking wedding dance lessons?

C: For me it was learning and understanding the movements.

L: Perfecting and finding time for the commitment with all the wedding stuff going on.

Do people know you’re taking wedding dance lessons or is it a surprise?

L: It was a surprise for 99% of our guests.

What inspired you to take dance lessons?

C: She has always loved to dance and it was a way to connect. I even started to enjoy it because of the wedding.

Was one of you hesitant? Or did you both equally want to take lessons for your first dance?

L: We moved to Virginia for two years and we tried dance lessons there, but he wasn’t excited to do it there. So we tried it again here and he likes it now.

How do dance classes compare to other parts/aspects of planning your wedding?

C: The process was the least stressful and it was the highlight of the planning.

L: It’s the exciting part of the wedding planning and its something we can work towards.

While taking wedding dance lessons, has it inspired you to take other dance lessons for other styles? Do you want to pursue more?

C: It has. We are working on Tango currently and I would be interested in Argentine Tango as well.

L: He doesn’t like the Latin styles, but I want to try Salsa.

C: I think choreography is the best way to go for me.

What was your first impression coming in for dance classes and what is your impression now? How has it changed?

L: There was a strong first impression. Tayler is really sweet and caring.

C: It has always been good. I feel more comfortable and connected.

Any advice for future couples?

C: Go for the full package! Once you get past the basic steps it begins to be fun.

L: Plan ahead and start right away…

Article and Interview by Jacqui