Wedding Dance Styles: How to Choose!

May 10, 2015 by

When you think of a wedding dance what do you picture? Most people imagine a waltz. It’s a beautiful ballroom dance with a basic box step that is meant to give you the illusion the dancers are gliding across the floor. But weddings are all about YOUR style. You’ve carefully selected food, colors, flowers, etc. that reflect your own unique style and taste. Your first dance should be no exception.

There are DOZENS of partner dance styles to choose from that most people don’t even know exist. There’s waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, Viennese waltz, cha cha, rumba, bolero, mambo, east coast swing, paso doble, salsa, jive, samba, west coast swing, hustle, Argentine tango, lindy hop, two-step…just to name a few!

If you and your fiancé already have a song in mind, a great option is to ask your instructor which dance styles are partnered with that song. Ballroom & Latin dances are paired with music based on timing, beats per minute, etc. It could be that you & your fiance’s song is a tango or a rumba.

If you’re going more for a certain look or feeling, you can ask our instructors to show you sampling a different dances so you could choose what you like best. Maybe you want something fun & upbeat so cha cha, swing or salsa would be great choices for you!

As time goes on, weddings have become less about tradition and more about creating an individual & memorable experience for you & your fiancé. So don’t feel confined to waltz for your first dance because it’s “traditional”. Branch out! Try something new, do some research by watching dance videos online and of course, our amazing instructors at Bella Ballroom are always here to answer all your questions & give their professional opinion on wedding dance styles that are right for you. The possibilities are endless!

Article by Bella Ballroom Office assistant, Teah.