Wedding Dress Shopping with Mon Amie in Costa Mesa, CA

Wedding Dress Shopping in Orange County, CA

Mon Amie Bridal Salon, located in the Ayres Plaza, hosts one of the widest selection of wedding dresses at one location in Orange County. I was surprised to learn that, in addition to the hundreds of dresses on display in the various show rooms, there are also many, many dresses in storage in the back, patiently waiting for their big moment! This shop is as glamorous on the inside as you could possibly imagine from gazing in through the windows; a palace built of shades of white, lace, and rhinestones, all sparkling like fresh winter snow. The shop carries collections by over 30 designers including Berta, Alvina Valenta, Erin Cole, Theia White Collection, and Yumi Katsura. With such exquisite selection, it’s hard to imagine not finding your perfect gown here. So to help you on your hunt, I’ve compiled some helpful tips from the experts at Mon Amie.

Helpful Hints For Buying Your Wedding Dress:

First and foremost, have an open mind! Many women come to their appointments with a vision of their dream dress. From there, either they find something close but realize they don’t like the style after-all or they struggle to find their perfect dress because it hasn’t been made by a designer yet.  If you meet in the middle with an idea of what you’d like but an open mind, it is easier to discover which dress makes you feel the best.

Next, this may go without saying, but it’s always nice to have a reminder, bring undergarments! When you schedule your appointment, you’ll want to be sure your wearing proper underwear that will help you get an accurate idea of what the dress actually looks like on. That means red undeez and black bra straps are not welcome! It’s best to go with nude color undergarments and strapless bras. Schedule laundry day accordingly so you’re prepared to meet your dream dress, sans distractions.

Photo from Mon Amie Bridal Salon Website in Costa Mesa

Lastly, we’ve all seen shows like “Say yes to the Dress” and many of us think that dress shopping will be something like the show; a party of people who are all telling you their “very important” opinions. In actuality, that can be stressful and take some of the magic out of the experience. The thing to know is that wedding dress shopping should be an enjoyable, special time, however that doesn’t mean that you have to feel pressured to invite every girl-friend you have. This experience is for you and if you really want to find the perfect gown, you’ll want to choose a couple people whose opinions you truly respect. And if you really do have a whole group of people you want at your appointment, Mon Amie caters to that as well with their Signature Appointments program. With these appointments, a bride-to-be gets to come in after-hours for a private appointment with the company of two stylists and up to ten guests.

Contact Mon Amie Bridal Salon Today:

Whatever your needs, Mon Amie Bridal Salon has the selection and expertise to help you find the magical dress that suits you! And now that you have these tips, you’re ready to dive into the hunt. If you’re interested in checking Mon Amie out, you can visit their website to see some of the designer collections they offer. And when you’re ready to make a trip in, give them a call to set up an appointment. Once you’re there, brace yourself for the sparkly scene that awaits you inside and remember to enjoy this exciting experience!