Wedding First Dance Mix-Ups – Orange County Dance Studios

You’re in the middle of your wedding dance lesson practicing your first dance and you mess up. It happens! Many students worry about messing up on their big day. In the dance studio, we can restart the music, get help from the instructor, and try again. However, with any kind of performance, there are chances for mistakes to happen and no do-overs. That’s ok! Don’t worry about the “what ifs.” However, if you feel better prepared for the unexpected, read on:

Tips for First Dance Mix-Ups:

Laugh it off! Someone trips, you forget a step, you forget what comes next, or…wait which way do the arms go again? Laugh. Laugh with each other. All anyone will notice at your wedding is how happy you two are.

Own it! Chances are, no one will even notice that you made a “mistake” during your first dance (think of them as creative decisions.) The only peoplefirst dance practice in Orange County who know your dance is you, your partner, and your dance instructor, who won’t even be there to see. If you make it look like it was intentional, no one will be the wiser. If you mess up, play it up a bit and it will look like a sweet, tiny slice of comedy. You can own the awkwardness – clown it up for that brief moment if you like.

Leave some breathing room. Leave some time between dance moves so that if you’re off time or mess up, you have some recovery time. I’m an advocate for utilizing pauses and sways so couples don’t feel like they’re racing through their first dance.

Keep dancing! When I was learning piano, every time I hit the wrong key, I would want to stop and start over. My grandma always reminded me during lessons that more memorable than the mistake itself is how you recover from it. She would have me keep playing after hitting the wrong key as if nothing went wrong. The same goes for the first dance! Keep those feet moving, your body groovin’, try not to make a face, and people won’t notice.

More than anything, don’t worry too much about potential mishaps. If they happen, they will become a beloved and humorous memory. Everyone at your wedding is there to see you happy, not a perfect performance.

We at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio can help make sure your first dance at your wedding isn’t left up to chance! We’d love to invite you to our Orange County, CA dance studio! We help with the first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance and more.