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Working in the wedding industry, I get to see a lot of new trends that are set. But on the flip side I get to also see a lot of different things as well. Just this weekend, I went to a beautiful wedding in Orange County, CA – San Juan Capistrano to be exact. This wedding has a mix of traditional wedding expectations such as the bride and groom not seeing each other until the ceremony, and a bit of modernization. One of my favorite things about a wedding reception besides the food, booze, and socialization is the dancing. This lovely couple not only had a traditional slow dance but they surprised their guest with a fun dance to a multiple of top 40 songs and a cultural Persian tradition dance that included chairs being lifted up and such. It was truly wonderful to watch and the best part was everyone was happy and truly enjoying themselves.

Some of the most popular wedding trends of 2015 are:

wedding trends 2015Hash Tagging your Wedding:

This is a concept that was created that I love and I think is genius. Guest can now share with you instantly the pictures and videos (especially moments from the dance floor) they take as the night goes on by simply tagging your hash tag. Especially moments from the dance floor.

Photo Booths:

Another fun trend this year that I have seen a lot of is having a photo booth set up. This is super fun and fetch. People love taking photos of themselves and its even better when props are included. It brings out the fun and goofy side of people. One idea that I loved was people taking their photos they’ve taken and gluing them into a scrapbook while writing a personal note for the bride and groom as a gift at the end of the night.

Parents Wanting to Dance:

I am seeing more and more parents wanting to join in on the fun and dance! Its not all about the kids having fun, parents can get down too! I love working in the studio and seeing parents come in to dance with their child. It’s so special and you really get to see the bond between them.

Not only are parents getting involved but I am seeing that the combining of the two dances is becoming a trend. So you no longer have to watch three individual slow dances, just the bond between mother son and father daughter.

Popular First Dance Songs:

There have been quite a few popular wedding dance songs this year. The most popular song in my opinion so far is Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud”, followed by “All of Me” by John Legend, and “Sugar” by Maroon 5. These are all great choices for a wedding dance! All have their own originality to showcase. Any song can be remarkable and memorable.

Wedding Dance Surprise

Couples are wanting to surprise their guest with more than one song. I personally love when couples do this because it showcases their personalities, and it’s just fun all around. One of our current couples are planning to do this for their wedding and they always have such a good time. Listening and watching them always makes me want to get up and join them. I know that on their wedding day it’s truly going to be a special moment for them and their guests.

I hope you enjoyed some of the trends that I’ve been seeing this year. Although the year isn’t over just yet, there are a lot of new modern traditions storming this culture.

Article by Jacqui.