What shoes should I wear for wedding dance lessons?

September 30, 2019 by
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Now that you’ve decided to take dance lessons in order to make sure your first dance dazzles your guests, you may be wondering: what shoes should I wear for wedding dance lessons? Bella Ballroom is here to help and make sure every aspect of your dance and dance lessons go as well as they can.

shoes to wear for wedding dance lessons

What Shoes to Wear for Wedding Dance Lessons:

Athletic Shoes

We want you to be comfortable during your lessons and able to do all the exciting moves. If you would like to come in your sneakers or tennis shoes they will absolutely work.

Something with a Small Heel

This applies to all genders. Having even a small heel on your shoes can help with turns and spins! It’s also likely to be closer to your actual wedding shoes so you won’t be thrown off on the big day.

Your Wedding Shoes!

We recommend you wear your wedding shoes to your dance lessons. It’s a great opportunity to become familiar with your dance in the shoes you will actually be wearing. Plus it is a chance to break them in and get comfortable before the big day. Just be careful and cautious if you wear high heels.

What Shoes NOT to Wear for Wedding Dance Lessons:

Your footwear can be incredibly versatile for your dance lessons, but there are a few styles of shoe we wouldn’t recommend. We ask that you do not wear shoes with an open back to your dance lessons for your own safety. You want something securely attached to your feet! Sandals can also be difficult to dance in. If you’re just starting out and working on your leading and connection, they can make stepped-on toes much more painful.

If you still need to book your wedding dance lessons, let us help you. No matter your level of experience we love collaborating with couples to make your big day even bigger and better! Contact us here if you are looking for relaxed and fun dance instructors who have experience with first dances.