What to Expect on Your Introductory Dance Lessons

February 2, 2019 by

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You may have checked us out and seen that we offer a $20 Introductory Lesson and Consultation. What does that mean, exactly? This dance lesson is a great no pressure way to start taking lessons. We understand you may be nervous and don’t know what to expect. As dancers, we sometimes forget that walking into a dance studio for the first time may be intimidating – here at Bella Ballroom, we promise we aren’t scary! We want you to feel welcome. That first lesson is all about getting you comfortable. Your instructor will meet with you and get to know you before teaching you a few fun moves. Whether you have a wedding or event coming up or want to learn for fun, this first lesson is all about getting to know what your goals are. We take this time to develop a game plan for future lessons, so you and your instructor are on the same page. So, what to expect on the actual day of? Friendly faces!

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes!

You can dress up or down however much you like, but I know from experience that constantly pulling down a skirt hem or adjusting your sleeves is frustrating when dancing. Shoes should be secure on the feet, but lightweight. Thick or rubber soles are difficult to dance in.

Don’t come hungry!

No need to eat a full meal, but if you can only focus on your growling stomach, you won’t enjoy yourself as much. Eating even a little something like an apple or protein bar or handful of almonds keeps you focused more on your fancy footwork than how famished you are.

Be open to learning!

Everyone else here has started from square one at some point, so it’s ok if you have zero dance experience. Your first lesson you’ll be dancing for about twenty five minutes; the rest of the time is spent getting to know you and your goals. In no time, you’ll feel like a natural out there on the dance floor!