Your Dream Wedding Dance Floor

The Wedding Dance Floor

When imagining your dream wedding, do you picture your dance floor too? Most couples dream about and plan for their perfect wedding, but they don’t put much thought into one of the most valuable pieces of wedding planning real-estate: the dance floor! Your dance floor is the perfect opportunity to create an absolutely memorable focal point on your big day… Aside from you of course. When it comes to creating a memorable spot for dancing you want sure it’s not only perfect, but you also want to make sure it’s safe. You know you’re going to have lots of guests shaking their groove thang on the floor and it’s important to avoid having a surface that could get too slippery from spilled drinks or accidentally get you stuck in some outrageous lawsuit on what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. It’s crucial to make sure your flooring was designed with dancing in mind to keep you and your guests safe. Last but not least, this floor needs to look good! When it comes to creating your picture-perfect dance floor you have a few different options to consider and choose from.

To Rent or Not to Rent, That is the Question!

First things first, do you need to rent a dance floor or does your venue have a dance floor available onsite? Whether your venue is indoor or outdoor, having a dance floor is a great way to mingle with your guests and have a focal point for your reception. You’ll want to keep in mind that most dance floors need to be set up on the flattest surface possible and should be highlighted near or in the center of your reception area to draw the most attention. This also allows everyone the opportunity to watch you enjoy your first dance as a married couple. If your reception is outdoors on grass, dirt or sand there shouldn’t be any bumps or hills under the floor and although they’re sometimes unavoidable, you can always use a subfloor to level out your dance floor and ensure it won’t rock back and forth or be slanted at an angle while you and your guests boogie-down. It’s always a smart move to consult with your rental floor company or venue before making any major decisions, just to be safe.

Wedding Dance Floor Customization and Personalization

If you need to rent a dance floor, there’s no need to worry because you have a plethora of options to choose from depending on the overall look, feel, and budget you have for your reception. Even if your reception space includes a dance floor in their wedding package, there are numerous ways you could add your own flair and customize the floor to cater to your wedding dreams. If you decide to rent your dance floor, you could choose anything from a basic dance floor to a unique or customized dance floor.

Basic dance floors can come in a range of wood or wood-like materials such as birch, light or dark (oak) parquet, or wood laminate floors that are smooth and imitate a natural wood look. You could also opt for the simple and elegant look of sheet vinyl that can be offered in a variety of colors or patterns such as checkered or a traditional solid white. The traditional solid white dance floor is among one of the most popular options because it tends to be well received by guests of all ages and backgrounds. Another crowd favorite is the iconic and elegant black and white checkered board dance floor. The checkerboard floor is a less expensive floor that adds a strikingly timeless feel to any wedding reception whether indoor or outdoor and can be customized to fit the ambiance and atmosphere of your big day.

Now for your customized dance floors; they can become just about anything you can imagine. Since the dance floor is usually the focal point at any reception, you have the perfect opportunity to create an ambiance and demand attention in a warm and inviting way that will set the tone and vibe for your entire reception. It’s also a great way to encourage your guests to put on their dancing shoes and join you dancing the night away. For starters, even though a simple white dance floor may be traditional, you can always customize it by adding a personalized vinyl monogram decal, beautiful floral or marbled pattern, elegant pin spotting or a gobo light projected monogram that demands attention. Instead of emblazoning cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, or other disposable items with your new married initials, family crest, sign or symbol of your relationship, you can go with a can’t-miss-it monogrammed dance floor display. It’s a wow factor your guests won’t forget. Your monogrammed display can even create a magical backdrop for your first dance as a married couple by illuminating or projecting onto the walls or ceiling.

Let There be Light

One fun idea that’s in the higher price range, is the option of renting a whimsical see-through white or black acrylic dance floor and illuminating it with twinkling LED lights or a holographic effect. As your guests travel across the floor, lights will sparkle and shine through the floor. However, if the nightclub style dance floor won’t provide the right atmosphere for your big day, you could opt for a floor with white, twinkle or colored lights around the edges that will highlight the dance floor as a focal piece and subtly drawing the attention of your quests. You could take the illuminated dance floor one step further and lift it off the floor by a platform of a few inches or more. Most platform stages are low enough that you and your guests can step right onto the floor while others come with small sets of steps that provide access to the stage.

While an illuminated and elevated platform dance floor will definitely draw attention at your reception, some will still think it’s not as ostentatious as they’d like. To take your dance floor over the top, you could decide to make a splash and balance your dance floor over a pool of water. Here you could perform your first dance on a see-through Acrylic dance floor suspended over a pool or raised up with lights under it.

There are so many wedding dance floor options to choose from! Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal reception area looks like. Anything you can dream up can be created for your wedding dance floor!