Your First Dance Could Be Your Favorite Wedding Memory

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first dance at the wedding creates beautiful memories

Wedding First Dance Memories will last a lifetime!

The very wise Bella Ballroom owner, Jennelle, has taught me something that has given me inspiration in teaching first dance classes for weddings. It truly is the only part of the wedding that you invest in that can affect you for many years to come. She has told me, the cake will be eaten, the dress will only be worn once, but wedding dance lessons will last you a lifetime and have amazing affects on your marriage. Here is why:

  1. Prewedding memories

Many memories that are made on your wedding day will be new and exciting. Most of the activities and excitements of the day will be a one time affair. While preparing your first dance as fiances, you have created memories of laughs, romance, maybe even frustrations, but ultimately, by the time you actually perform the dance, you have memories connected to each move, whether it be how hard you worked at learning it, how excited you were about it, each of your favorite moves, etc. You can look back on your preparation for the dance and see how your relationship has contributed to this performance, and how you will have memories of the experience forever, both of the day and the weeks leading up to it.

2. More than just a performance

By the time many people get to their weddings, the preparation is daunting and they just want the day to come so that the stress is over. Not that they aren’t excited to get married, it can just be stressful. Even though nerves can make you feel similar about your dance, it is one of the things that you will be excited about accomplishing! Other than the vows, the first dance is usually the next most exciting thing to share with your family and friends as you get to show off something that you made together and are proud of. Every couple that I have had have been so excited and proud of themselves and each other for accomplishing it and for making such a beautiful memory together.

3. Marriage Counseling

Preparation for the wedding usually consists of the bride preparing things and the groom helping out. But this is one thing that is a complete team effort. You have to do this together. The wedding dance forces the woman to give up control and the man to take the lead, which is also applicable in marriage. They also have to learn how to be supportive of each other on the dance floor and patient when one is struggling more than the other. By the end it is amazing how couples bond and seem that much more a team than when they came in.

4. It is romantic

Whether your first dance song is a slow song, a fast song, or a silly song, there is a reason you both chose it. It means something to both of you. Creating that dance and learning together is a romantic gesture for many reasons. You are physically connected, emotionally connected, and enjoying each other and having fun in the process. I have even seen couples come in and dance in order to spice up their love life. Dancing truly is a romantic experience if you let it be.

5. Beyond the wedding

As I said before, the wedding cake will be eaten and the dress will be worn once. The day will come and go. It will be wonderful and a memory you will never forget. But your first dance will live on in your muscle memory, in your song, and in your hearts. It will be a skill that you can use at other weddings, parties, and dance places as well. The moves you learn here are moves that can be used as you dance to other songs just as well as your own. And what a wonderful way to continue to romance your partner and bring a part of your wedding into your marriage that you will always have.

– By Bella Ballroom dance instructor, Tayler