Testimonials for BELLA

As dance teachers, we work hard to deliver exceptional customer service and take pride in going above and beyond our client’s expectations! We love creating a fun learning environment that makes our students (especially our beginners!) feel comfortable. As a result, we receive feedback over and over again that expresses how much FUN our clients have reaching their dancing goals!

We had an amazing time at Bella Ballroom! It was so fun meeting once a week for the 2 months before the wedding… We learned swing and waltz steps. 
Jennelle helped us with our first dance, the Father-Daughter dance, and the Mother-Son dance, and all our guests said it looked amazing! We really discovered that wow factor we were looking for. 
She did a great job accommodating our schedules and working with all our personalities…if you want to learn social ballroom dancing, this is the place! Jennelle is a wonderful, attentive teacher with great suggestions! 

Thank you Bella Ballroom!

Casey & Matt – Newport Beach, CA

If you need to learn your first dance for your wedding, come here!! Everyone here is so super friendly, my fiancé and I commented on how friendly they were as soon as we stepped out the studio. I called them in a panic on a Tuesday…. my fiancé and I were getting married on that Saturday and I forgot about lessons for our first dance. I called early in the am and they were able to squeeze us in later that same evening. Had our song on my phone and it was plugged in and we practiced a dance for an hour and a half. Everyone at our wedding was shocked at how lovely our dance was…they didn’t expect it from us…we have all left feet! Sooo def give them a call if you need wedding dance lessons!!

Roni & David – Irvine, CA

We were recently married in Houston, TX but we reside in Irvine.  Our wedding was formal and it was very important to us, a little bit more for me the bride, that our dance be choreographed because it’s never fun to watch a newlywed couple just prom sway for 2 minutes at a wedding reception.  After a fitting next door at Mon Amie, I noticed that Bella Ballroom had just opened in the center and I thought to pop in to get some information.  Our wedding was just about 4 months away and we needed to start our lessons soon!  I ended up scheduling an introductory lesson right then and there.  My husband was a team player in all of this but he was reluctant that they could get him to make all of the right moves.  We went with a 15-lesson package–45 minutes/lesson–over about a 4-month period of time.  Long story short, our dance went off without a hitch.  Our instructor, Tayler, was awesome!  She made things very simple for my husband, but we looked great!  She knew exactly how to make us look amazing without any steps that were too difficult.  My husband even picked up some other steps from Tayler that he surprised me with on the dance floor during our reception!  We honestly had so much fun at our lessons; we started to look forward to our time at Bella Ballroom every week!  The owner is Jennelle, and she is a sweetheart too.  We asked her and her husband to cut our music for us because I am not a fan of just fading songs out at the end.  They provided us with seamless cuts for our first dance song and the parent dances.  We couldn’t believe how perfect the cuts were–no beat missed! 

We highly recommend Bella Ballroom for any of your dancing needs!  The team at Bella Ballroom is very personable and professional.  Thank you to Tayler and Bella Ballroom for helping us make our wedding dreams come true!

Anita & Johnny – Irvine, CA

The studio is good, but our instructor Tayler is AWESOME. My partner and I don’t take ourselves seriously at all–we are basically just a giggling, laughing, spinning mass of misplaced feet and bad jokes–buy Tayler has the energy level to keep up with us AND teach us something. She really is just a joy to work with. We come out of every lesson with detailed notes and are so excited to practice on our own. 

The studio itself is nice–clean and open. The lessons are all private, and not the least bit intimidating. My first lesson started with a handshake, a quick questionnaire and contact sheet, and off to the dance floor we went. My partner and I have zero experience, and I love the way Tayler breaks down all the moves into little itty-bitty baby steps for us to learn. 

They have a new student special which gets you a full private lesson at a steeply discounted price. After the lesson, totally low-pressure/no-pressure chat with regards to what you want to achieve, and how best to get there. I signed up for a bunch of lessons without hesitation because I felt that it is a better value than the group lessons I had tried at another OC dance studio. 

A note on group lessons vs. private lessons.  Private lessons are the way to go.  I’m learning faster in my private lessons than my group lessons–not because the private lessons teach more, but because the private lessons allow you to get more repetitions in.  If I make a mistake in a private lesson, I can start the movement over. I can start and repeat several times, break down my mistakes, and commit something to memory and move on, in the same time it takes for a group class to go through 1 repetition of a move. 

Oh, and I’ve taken almost a full week of group classes and I’m not getting nearly enough feedback in-group classes. No one really stops you to say: hey, your feet look okay, but if you point them over here, it looks better. 

Five stars, for excellent venue, excellent instructors, and excellent value.

Andrea & Joseph – Irvine, CA

Jennelle helped my dad and me with our father/daughter dance and was so amazing. She made us feel really comfortable and confident. Can’t wait to see how we do this weekend!

Joelle & Jacob – Los Angeles, CA

Went to Bella Ballroom to surprise my wife for our wedding anniversary.  We danced at our wedding and little since.  Jennelle got me to learn the basics prior to the surprise.  We now have danced at the oldest dance hall in the United States, at local dance nights and weekly at the studio.  For us it has become a fun weekly activity we do together.  

The studio is clean, private and has plenty of parking.  When doing my research the studio was highly rated and I can see why.  All of the instructors are skilled, friendly, and accommodating.  We also met some of the other clients at dancing night out and all with similar long term dancing stories.

William – Irvine, CA

We love Jennelle and Bella Ballroom! Jennelle has been teaching us patiently for a few years and she is amazing! Dancing is so much fun and all the instructors at Bella Ballroom are incredibly helpful. You should definitely try it 🙂

Jennifer – Huntington Beach, CA

This place is awesome. I just went in to check the studio out and realized I knew absolutely nothing about dancing. The instructor Jennelle was so friendly and immediately greeted me with a smile and a handshake. She then continued with her class and she was so knowledgeable the way she instructed her clients. I am definitely going to come and take a class from her once I can convince my self that the chicken dance no longer is in style.

Mason – Costa Mesa, CA

Bella Ballroom (Jennelle) was referred to us by another couple who used her to prepare for their first dance. We brought her the song we really wanted and she immediately whipped up the first few steps of the dance. My husband and I felt very comfortable with her and felt that she was totally invested in our learning the dance and wowing our guests. Jennelle geared her choreography towards our “beginner” status but created something that had some “flair”, nevertheless! We were thrilled with how our dance turned out and are grateful to Jennelle for her expertise!

Allison – Orange County, CA

We love Bella Ballroom! Everyone there is awesome, but this review is particularly for Tayler, our instructor. My husband and I went in for lessons to prepare for our first dance. We thought we would just get a couple of lessons so we looked like we knew what we were doing, but we ended up learning an entire choreographed dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” We had SO much fun in the process! My husband and I are by no means dancers, so Tayler was very patient with us while we learned the moves. And her positive attitude is infectious– we laughed a ton during our lessons, which is always good to do when you’re awkwardly throwing your arms about. Despite our dancing limitations, by the end of our 15-class package, we were experts at our dance! We also gained a friend in the process. When we got back from our honeymoon, my husband turned to me and said “I miss our dance lessons!” and I said, “I miss Tayler!” Our dance lessons were one of our favorite things about our wedding preparation, and definitely the most rewarding. Oh, and needless to say, everyone was blown away when we pulled out our choreographed first dance 🙂

Katie – Orange County, CA
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